Thursday, May 15, 2008

A quiet day

I forgot to mention that on Tuesday night we went to the Library to meet some other ladies who have a knitting group. They have welcomed Joy and the girls with open arms and were very pleasant and welcoming to me.

Yesterday morning was spent in the apartment, taking it easy. Joy finished a miniature knitted monkey, who we named “Monkey Bean.” The girls miss their Auntie Bean so they decided that “Monkey Bean” would represent Auntie Bean on our trips.


After lunch we went on the trolley again, to the Art Museum; we met a local artist and had a wonderful time talking to her. Jessica, especially, enjoyed talking to her, as she (Jessica) wants to be an artist. There were some awesome artwork there – woven tapestries, baskets, watercolors and oils.

We then headed to the Science Museum. Fortunately we had gotten umbrellas out of the car before we left, as it started to POUR while we walked between the Art Museum and the Science Museum. The Science Museum has the history of the bomb as well as a lot of hands on projects for children.

It was still raining when we went out and walked for a few blocks to catch the trolley home.

Since it was such a quiet day, I’m going to include today’s trip, as well. It was raining again, so we bundled up and headed down to EspaƱola for lunch at Long John Silver’s, then followed a path to some special places listed on the tourist maps.

Before heading to lunch, we stopped at a pottery studio and talked to the artist, Toni Roller. I would have taken pictures, but I felt it would have been an intrusion. Her pots are selling for $600 for a smallish one up to over $3,000 for a complicated one. She learned from her grandmother. Her mother is in her 90s and is still doing some pots. The whole family is involved! They do the traditional Pueblo pottery in the traditional way. Toni goes out and digs her clay, digs the volcanic ash that she puts with the clay, strains and mixes it herself. The mixing is done on the floor with a tarp and she uses her feet. She makes pots with rolls, she does not “throw” the pots. The glaze is also made from local sources. Toni was very informative and the girls really enjoyed listening. I just wish I could afford one of her pots!!

After lunch we hit a gift shop called the “The Organic Peddler” in the Ojo Caliente area. This is where there are hot springs; they have hotels, motels, cabins and people come from everywhere to enjoy the pleasures of the springs. They had CRYSTALS!!! I got a piece of amber – very affordable, considering what amber normally goes for. The owner offered chocolates to the girls and also let them each pick a 75¢ crystal, which took FOREVER!! Norm got a few pieces, too. Joy found the jewelry set of her dreams – coral, pearl and onyx. She will have to save her pennies for a very long time – it was $400!!

We were looking for weaving and woodworking but the places mentioned did not have any. We DID find a building that had closed down, with no signs – we figured that was what we were looking for.

Back again to EspaƱola for shopping at Wal-mart; Joy found a little store that was selling many things, including hot peppers! Norm also got a lovely pot!

We had to turn the heat back on because it was so cold in the apartment!

Now for chicken dumpling soup for supper. It was a beautiful day, despite the cold and rain. You have a beautiful day!


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Sounds like you had a blast! You most likely will have a package waiting for you soon....Hope you like it!LOL

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Just dropping by to wish you a nice weekend!

Love the slide show!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I was day dreaming, and started to think of how I could carve a mortar and pestle...Has Norm ever made a set or considered making them to sell with his spoons? Just a bubble thought....