Wednesday, May 07, 2008

On a more cheerful note!

Scooter looks like she might be recovering. Jody gave her a penicillin shot and Norm doused her with hydrogen peroxide. She is eating and moving around, which is always a good sign.

The kittens are happily ensconced in Jody’s house with two lovely momma-wanna-bees watching over them. They are eating, pooping and sleeping and even purring!


Sasha says ' I'm Mommy'


Gretchen says, 'No, I'M Mommy!!'

Today was the second day of the museum tour. The area third graders visit the county museum, the county courthouse and the county jail, among other places. There are six people who talk or demonstrate at the museum and I was one (Norm found out that friend Wally would be doing the fur trade department, so he stayed home and worked at the Farm).


My "house" at the museum


The spinning wheel they won't let me bring home
The rich Victorian lady across the "street"


Indian life


School house

So, now we are packing and getting ready to go. I am taking my computer along so I will be able to post pictures as we travel. Joy promises a walking tour “to the west” on Saturday. I am taking a walking stick and good walking shoes and, of course, my camera.

It is a beautiful day out – with LITTLE wind!! And it is SPRING at Ash Lane Farm. You have a beautiful day!




Spook says: "Thank the good gods for Spring!"


Frances said...

I'm so glad to hear good news about Scooter!


Kati said...

Hey Connie!!!! Glad to hear that Scooter's feeling better. And thanks for sharing more sweet kitten pics with us.

It's neat seeing the pics of one of your demonstration museums. I've gotta say, as a line of work.... that looks like a fun one. Then again, I've always been a history fan (if not entirely a history buff).

Have a great walking tour, and I hope your feet feel just as fresh at the end as at the beginning. *grin*

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

So glad Scooter is doing better and sorry she lost one of her babies! Has spring finally arrived?

Cris said...

These are awesome Connie! I attended a rural school (1st and 2nd grades) and my desk was just like that! Well, some 30 years ago. hehehe