Sunday, May 25, 2008

The last day

On Sunday we went from New Mexico through Oklahoma into Kansas, up to Dodge City. It was a 12-hour trip, mostly because of the 2 hours we spent at the Pueblo.

We found that Kansas was not hospitable to us. For those of you who live in Kansas, I humbly apologize, but it WAS a tough trip! The south west corner had very few towns but started to show more as we got up closer to Dodge City.

However, it was about suppertime and there were NO restaurants, cafes, fast food places to be found on the highway! We finally stopped at a gas station to grab a deli sandwich and something to drink. I took Peanut for a short walk but Norm came out and hollered, “Come quick, they are closing!” They stayed open long enough for us to visit the facilities (thank goodness … sage brush is NOT conducive to emergency stops!) and find something to eat. There were no sandwiches so I grabbed some pretzels and some beef jerky; Norm grabbed some chips. This was at 8:00!! Admittedly it was a Sunday night, but jeeeze-louise, it was a shock!

We made it to Dodge City at about 9:30, where there WERE fast-food places open, so we got Sonic burgers then went looking for a place to stay. We found an Economy Inn that looked nice, so I went in to get a room.

It was $34 a night – right up Norm’s alley. BUT – there was no Internet and we weren’t close enough to be able to “sneak” wireless from another motel. The ice machine was broken, so we couldn’t get ice. I had good hot water at night but Norm had cold water for a shower in the morning. I told him – NEXT TIME, Super 8 or Motel 6 – no more “economy” places!!

Breakfast was another ‘fun” time. We went to a pancake house, but not THE Pancake House, to our dismay. I had the buffet – the French toast was mushy, the meat was cold, there was no fruit, the orange juice was watery. Norm ordered from the menu and finally, after 3 other tables had come in, ordered and got their food, Norm got HIS food, but not what he ordered. So he ate it anyway. I went out to the car to walk Peanut while Norm paid – they couldn’t find his ticket and he had to wait for someone to come to the register.

However! However! We went to the Boot Hill Museum and had a very good time, with lots of nice things to look at. The storekeeper in the General Store (Deanna, that store is to DIE for!!) was very pleasant. Not only were there antique store-thingies but there were also a lot of things for sale. I got Jill and Eric a gift (sorry, kids, you will have to wait to know what it is) and did NOT get a delightful egg cup / salt shaker combination – which I think was very good of me, since I collect egg cups!!

We spent way too much time there – when Norm growled about the time spent, I reminded him that HE was the one taking the time to look at everything – not me. And the length of time I was in the store, purchasing, was because of customers in front of me.

But we headed out, hitting Iowa and getting home 12 hours after we left Dodge City. OOOOFTA!!!

It was a great trip, all-in-all, and we totally enjoyed it. So now we are home, doing home things and being glad we are home. Norm picked some lilacs this morning to make my kitchen table so pretty! It was a beautiful, HOT day today – Norm is out mowing the 7-foot grass and I’m frying chicken. You have a beautiful day.

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jayedee said...

you've no idea how much i've enjoyed reading about your travels. actually, i think i've lived vicariously thru you, a bit, i think!
this was a journey i would have loved to have made! thanks for sharing!