Thursday, May 01, 2008


Well, the last knitting class is over. I will admit (and Cathy knows) that I dinna wanna do it! But she dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the teaching mode and I have to admit that I did enjoy it, once I got there.

I do not like to get ready to go anywhere or get ready to DO anything. I have to be dragged, kicking and screaming (I do that, a lot!) away from my home. I don’t like to go beyond the Lane!!! However, once I am there, I normally enjoy myself. Part of is it having to dress up – get out of my sweats, my stained shirt, my slippers and brush my messy hair! Part of it is leaving home – I might MISS something!

Anyway, I did go for the second class and I DID enjoy myself. These ladies were enjoying themselves, too, I believe, despite the complaints and whining I heard.

Knitting is HARD to learn – there are so many things to do with only two hands and people feel clumsy and think they will never GET it! Hence the whining and complaining. However, by the time it was quitting time, everyone seemed to want to continue and have a “reunion class” in the fall. Only one lady was really having problems; she came in today for the first time, so had to catch up and she also said she thought she was coming down with the flu, so she was having a hard time concentrating. But she took her sample home and said she’d practice at home. The others were doing very well by the time they left.

For a four-hour class (two hours a night), they learned quite a lot – knitting, purling (PURL, Cathy), decreasing, increasing and binding off (besides the casting on at the beginning). I also showed the last two how to do two colors (a crash course they can try at home when they feel more confident). They also have some simple washcloth patterns to help learn how to read a pattern.

Doncha just love strange weather? Western South Dakota has blizzard warnings; we have tornado warnings. There must be thunder somewhere reasonably close because Peanut is all shivery and clingy like she gets for storms (she HATES thunder!). Candy got home before the weather was too bad, but had to drive through all kinds of stuff across the state.

But we had a pretty good May day, despite the wind! Flowers would have been nice, though. I remember when we lived in North Dakota that we could pick flowers on May Day!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy. But, except for exercise (another reason to begin kicking and screaming as I leave the Lane), I can stay HOME!!!! And not have to go ANYWHERE until next Tuesday (sigh).

Tuesday is the beginning of a two-day session with third graders at the County Historical Museum – the museum has third graders come every year to “meet” people from the past. Norm will be a fur trader and I will be the “Pioneer Lady.”

But I don’t have to start screaming until Tuesday morning, so I will be fine until then. And tomorrow WILL be a beautiful day, despite weather prediction. You have a beautiful day!


jayedee said...

wahhh! i want to go to a knitting class! i've always wanted to learn, but kept pushing it to the back burner and now there's no one left in my family to teach me! it never occured to me that there might be classes for it! i'm going to call my county extension office and see if they know of anything! you are such an inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

Don't kick and scream too loud or long on Tuesday, you might hurt yourself!

I don't have to worry about leaving the "little house" anymore. The resturaunt closed for good on May 1, so no more job for me.... :0(

Have lots of fun at the museum, can't wait to see some pictures.

Love ya


Moonbeam said...

Hmm, I could probably handle a knitted wash cloth. I have now mastered the granny square in crochet so look out!! LOL. I can't seem to read patterns very well, perhaps I need a class on that. Wish I could send you some flowers, I have tulips looking lovely.
Have a good weekend.