Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It’s a magic place!

Yesterday (Tuesday), we went to two different places. Joy took us up to the Ski area in the morning – it’s a heck of a climb! As I said, once, Los Alamos is one of the highest towns in New Mexico. Its altitude is about 7,000 feet. The ski lodge altitude is about 9,000 feet. We were riding in Joy’s Kia, which is not very “strong” when it comes to climbing mountains. Even to get from Española to Los Alamos is a struggle – she has to turn off the air conditioning to get enough power from the chipmunks running the wheel to get up the hill. (Yes, it’s warm enough to use the air conditioning!) So we turned off the air, opened the windows and hoped Peanut didn’t have to get out and push.


We found SNOW still up there! Joy is hoping that the chair lift is open during the summer so that they can go to the top. Then we went DOWN, in second gear, and still could smell the brakes when we got down to the bottom!


Then we headed to White Rock and found an overlook that allowed us to see the Rio Grande – bigger than in Española and more impressive.

And then, and THEN! Be still, my beating heart! We went BACK to the cliffs! I had felt sorry for myself that I could not go to the “Alcove House” on Saturday, so Joy took us back. I was “fresh” enough and we walked slowly to the foot of the first ladder.

As I said, it is a magic place! I saw a Scarlet Tanager, an Abert Squirrel (long eared), several deer and more cave houses than can be imagined!

We WERE going to walk down the opposite way to the falls, but we ran out of time (again). So we plan on going back on Friday so that Ken can join us – he is working long hours during the week to be able to take Friday afternoon off.

We were going to go to the gift shop but my knee popped out on the way, so I hobbled back to the car and sat with Peanut. However, I didn’t miss much, as Joy picked out a thimble for me and Norm got me a glass “stone” with a turtle carved on it. Turtles, in the Pueblo tradition, mean Earth and Nature. Fitting for what I am trying to make happen in my life.


On the way home, we stopped to take pictures of some of the cave homes along the road. Some are so close that you can see the smoke stains with your naked eye, sitting in the car! Once you know what you are looking for, you can see these everywhere.

The mountains are full of holes, but the ones that had been carved out for storage or living are more definite in shape – mostly flat bottoms and oval tops. I read somewhere that there are thousands of sites all over the area and I believe it. We have seen probably 50 or more along the road as we have traveled.

It was a beautifully magic day – you have a beautiful day!

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