Monday, May 12, 2008

I love surprises!

I really, really do! I remember the one that Jill and Eric gave me at Christmas time with great pleasure. Ken gave Joy and me a good surprise for Mother’s Day (was it ONLY yesterday?).


We left Los Alamos in the late morning to head to Santa Fe for some fun and excitement. We found a really nice Mexican place, the “Blue Corn,” then headed out to the “agenda” that Ken had mentioned. We drove to the Santa Fe Railroad Station, which I had assumed was a tourist place.

Well, it IS, in a way – there was a Mother’s Day special trip up into the mountains for an hour, then an hour back. Half way there, the train stopped, the mothers were served champagne. There were refreshments for anyone, but those were for sale.

Our guide gave us a brief history of the tracks and the cars we were in. The tracks were laid by townspeople of Santa Fe. The railroad said it was too steep to get to Santa Fe, so it passed by. However, it was only eighteen miles from Santa Fe, so they worked for a year to get connected. Otherwise, Santa Fe would lose its place as capitol of the state and probably fade away.

After our trip, we headed back to Los Alamos. I need to mention this town … the town is one of the highest elevations in the state (probably in the US, as it is higher than Denver); the road from Santa Fe and / or Espanola is extremely steep. On both sides of the road there is a view that is nearly Grand Canyon in awesome-ness! In fact, I have given up the desire to see the Grand Canyon (at least THIS trip) so that I can see more awesome-ness sights in this area.

As you notice, Peanut is in some of the pictures. We did not want to leave her at home because she becomes very agitated while in a new place when I’m gone. She manages to make enough noise that Ken worried about her disturbing neighbors in the apartment building. Tasha is fine – being raised from puppy hood to be left for hours at a time in the house, she has no problem (except being unhappy for a while). But Peanut, being a kennel dog, was not trained to be crated and is not securely housebroken to leave alone in a house. So we took her with us and found shade in most places that we parked. We left her in the car and got our tickets. As I was talking with the ticket lady, I asked if we could take dogs – “Certainly, up to fifty pounds, if they are quiet and don’t run around!” Ken commented that Peanut is DEFINITELY a lap dog! So Norm went out to get her while I paid a ten-dollar fee to have the ability to take her with. She was very comfortable and behaved very well (naturally); I, then, didn’t have to worry about her being in the car in case the shade moved and it got hot.

So, yesterday was a wonderfully warm and sunny day with lots of good scenery and lots of fun. Sometimes it’s MORE than wonderful to be a mother! You have a beautiful day!


jayedee said...

oh what a lovely trip you're having!
the cliff dwellings have been a lifelong dream for me as well!
i admit to being a bit envious too!

Kati said...

Oh what a neat suprise and experience Connie!!! That was a great gift from Ken to you and Joy! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics!

Jan said...

Oh I am so glad Peanut could go with you.