Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have waited all my LIFE for this!

Ever since I was a little girl, about Bubba’s age, I have known about the ancient cliff dwellers. I have read fiction and history about them and have said that “someday” I wanted to see some for myself.

Well, children, yesterday was THE DAY!!!!

I had been trying to convince Ken that we needed to travel six hours (one way) to go to Mesa Verde to see the cliff dwellings there. He kept dragging his feet and not sounding very excited. I kept bribing him and he still kept being not interested.

Yesterday we went “west” as the choice of interest. Lo! and behold! Thirty minutes from home, we went into this park…..


Yes, my friends, cliff dwellings! Totally awesome!


Here are a few pictures, and I’m going to put the rest (well, SOME of the rest – we took over three hundred pictures). These are from Joy’s camera, mostly taken by Ken. My camera decided to have battery problems. Even with brand new batteries, it said I needed new ones. So I put it in the backpack (along with my epipen, Candy!) and just pointed for pictures that I needed from Ken. And he took mega, as I said!

We had two trips. We went on the main one, first – nearly two hours long, climbing steep stairs and also climbing steep ladders. I even went into one, myself! The doorway was big enough so, with Norm’s help, I could get off the ladder and into the home.





After a lunch in the park, with the dogs (who had to stay in the car for the walks), everyone but me went on the other walk, to the other ‘lodge’ area. I was told by a park ranger to not go. It wasn’t my heart; it wasn’t my energy (well, not all) but my knee. There is one hundred forty feet of climbing practically straight up! So the dogs and I stayed in the car and snoozed for the two hours they were gone. I am hoping that this week we will be able to go back and I can at least see the base of the site, but not do the climbing. Even Joy was exhausted from that climb!

I am putting the slideshow on for the first part of the trip. and will put the part I missed on another post.

This is a beautiful day – a wonderful Mother’s Day. You have a happy, beautiful day!


Frances said...

Ken takes nice photos (I especially like the last one with the family together)
How cool it must be to fulfil a lifetime ambition!!!


Cris said...

What a great Mother's Day gift Connie! woo hoo That's so exciting! We lived in Colorado but never got to go there! This is really beautiful!