Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All about town

Monday, we went around the town and also to Española. We got to ride the trolley to the historic museum and the Fuller Lodge. The trolley (in the summer) and the bus is free to all and can take you to just about any place in town – mostly because it travels along the main road and not much is anywhere but on the main road.


The Fuller Lodge was a Boys’ Ranch and School until the Government took it over to house and feed the scientists and engineers that developed the A bomb, during World War II.

The museum was a sweet little one that had the history of the volcanic explosions that ‘built’ all the mountains around here; it had some of the history of the Cliff Dwellers – they had been called the Anasazi but prefer to be called Pueblo, The museum also had a lot of history about the Secret that was to develop the bomb. Scientists and engineers and their families were brought to Los Alamos without knowing where they were going or why. Their letters were censored so that no one would know where they were or what they were doing. Their mail was directed to a post office box in Santa Fe.

While I enjoyed the museum, I learned more about the Secret time from Ashley and Jessica. They have (and are) reading about that time in history and have become very knowledgeable in the short time they have been here.

We went home for lunch (on the trolley, again) and then headed out to Española. We went, first, to the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center. This is an AWESOME place! Wool, yarn, knitting, weaving, spinning!!!! There was a loom set up for guests to weave on. We lost Bubba right off, and she stood there weaving until she ran out of wool on the shuttle. We lost Bitty when she discovered yarn for four dollars a pound – Grandpa promised a pound of yarn! I looked at the antique Wool wheels and several antique looms. There was a whole room of looms for weaving classes and another room for projects by members.


We ended up making Grandpa really pay through the nose! He got Bitty a pound of yarn and a quarter pound of roving. Bubba got the same thing. Joy got a small bag of yarn and I got over two pounds of roving!!! The store has a spinning day on Saturdays and invited Joy and the girls to join them – there are usually spinning wheels free that they can borrow.

After Norm dragged us out of the store, we hit Wal-Mart (not fun but necessary), stopped at a Trading Post that was on the Federal National Registry, stopped at Sonic and headed home. Ooofta! What a day!

Home for late supper and early bed. It was a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I am so glad. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

I would of loved to been in the shop with you and seen everything they had!!

jayedee said...

ohhhhhhh! i wanna come live with you! (am i too old to be adopted?) and learn to spin and knit and weave and....and....and....
this is my kind of vacation! an adventure really and i so appreciate you sharing with us all!