Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday was Earth Day – what did YOU do?

Well, we’d better ask what did *I* do? Not much, to be honest. But Norm and I cleaned up the area that we are going to re-locate some wild plums for a plum thicket on the southeast corner (to help wind and snow).

I have ordered a new Burr Oak to replace one that died last year. And will be getting five American Cranberries (for the birds, of course) – Norm has been planning where he’s gong to plant them.


Lilacs are getting leaves

As far as around the house – well …. Hanging out clothes – does that count for Earth Day?


My "Earth Day bouquet"

A lot of what we do here is money saving as well as earth saving. But it is also personal preference – we do it because we WANT to! We hang out clothes most of the time – if it’s too wet or too cold or too windy, we use our dryer rack in the kitchen. I bake small things in my toaster oven rather than in the big gas oven. We turn out lights in every room, use as little water as possible and keep the heat down lower than I am comfortable at, so I wear a flannel shirt on top of my other shirt for warmth.

We grew enough tomatoes last year for ALMOST all our year’s supply of tomato sauce. This year I will grow more. I hope to make more pickles this year. We have more than a year’s supply of applesauce, as we probably won’t have many apples this year.

We purchase local beef and pork by getting a whole beef and pig and have them butchered. Most of our chicken is homegrown; our eggs are from here and they are mostly ‘free-range’ (or sort-of). In the summer, most of our vegetables are from our garden or a neighbor’s.

I cook and bake mostly from scratch – very few boxed meals. Oh! I cheated and got a TV dinner (turkey) for myself while Norm was gone this weekend. But very rarely do I do that!

We have very little garbage as we recycle, burn, use the compost pile or feed scraps to the chickens.

There is not a whole lot to do that is ‘special’ on Earth Day, as our ground isn’t ready for transplanting our plums and our other trees won’t be here until next week. I have gone outside and enjoyed the sunshine while Peanut has wandered and sniffed new spring smells and will go out to get clothes off the line in about an hour.

The boys got home Monday night and I had supper ready for them. We call it “goulash” – hamburger, macaroni and tomatoes. It’s one of Norm’s favorite meals. They had a pickup load but left it at Wayne’s and unloaded this morning when they were not as tired. Wayne brought Norm over in the van and collected the dogs. I now have an ‘empty’ house with just Peanut. It’s quieter, too. Only one dog to bark rather than three when they hear noise or imagine bears sneaking into the house.






and now Peanut can have a peaceful nap by herself

Norm and I investigated the barn to figure out where the new chickens will be housed when they come next week. I am getting twelve pullets. I promised all three grand girls that they could have their own hens, and then I got three for me, as well. Binni ordered Black Australorpes, Bitty ordered White Leghorns, and Bubba ordered ‘black fuzzy legs’ but I couldn’t get the Black Cochins she wanted so she opted for ‘gold’ ones – Buff Orpingtons. I had wanted Cuckoo Murans but couldn’t get them, either, so I am getting Lace-winged Wyandotes. We should have a lovely batch for adding to our hens! The girls want to tame them down, so I need to play with them every day so that when they are grown, the girls can pick up their OWN hens and cuddle them!!

It’s another nice day, today. I have two guys outside replacing the windshield in the Buick – we finally got around to calling the insurance company and getting it replaced! It’s a little breezy, they say, but it’s not too bad.

Joy and girls and father-in-law will be here tomorrow for lunch. They are heading down to New Mexico. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned, but Ken has a new job – he’s in charge, I think, of getting construction back on the time-line. He will be in New Mexico for about six months, I think, and then move on to some other place that has time troubles. At least I THINK that’s what the plan is. Joy and the girls, as well as Tasha, will be staying down there most of the time. Her father-in-law is driving with so that she doesn’t have to drive alone – it’s about a two-day drive and I am guessing they will drive straight through. Then Bill will probably fly home after a while.

Norm and I will probably go down there in May for a short visit. We HAD planned on going to Seattle to see Jill and Eric this spring, but it’s not working out – Norm is too busy at the Farm and cannot afford the length of time we will need for that trip, so we’ll aim for a fall trip to the west.

Let’s see --- potatoes planted, comfrey moved, baby chicken pen planned. Oh, Norm’s new toy is up and running – Wayne helped set his planer up and he’s done several boards to make sure it works!


Potatoes in big tires


The comfrey goes by the barn


and it is green and growing (sort-of)

Jody came over with penicillin – something bit Scooter on her back near her hips and I didn’t notice it (shame on me) until yesterday. But she spends most of her time in with the kittens so I haven’t really seen her walking around much. Norm and I tried to cut off the matted fur last night but ended up just putting hydrogen peroxide on the wounds. Today Jody gave her the shot while I held her; she then cut a little bit of fur off to open the wound a bit and poured the HP on Scooter again. Norm and I will do that every day and watch it – Jody thinks the penicillin will kill the infection and help her heal. I was afraid a rabid skunk got her or something but Norm says if we had a rabid anything around, we would have seen it as it would have started attacking chickens and anything else around. Perhaps one of the neighboring tom cats came in as we doubt Spook would have been brave enough to fight with Scooter that much.

The kittens have their eyes open … they are so cute!


Jody took home a rooster; the last of the excess roosters we had, so Rupert is now by himself with his harem and will be excessively happy. The other rooster was just waiting for the stew pot, but I hated to put him in, he’s so pretty. Jody says that Don likes roosters, so he went over. He will probably be named Elvis or some such crazy name!! I don’t name MY roosters (or animals) crazy names, of course!


Norm's planer


My table runner is on the bench

A beautiful day! The sun is shining; it’s nice and warm with only a little wind. You have a beautiful day!


Frances said...

The kittens are sOOO cute. Sending Scooter healing vibes!


Cris said...

What a green life you have!!! I don't know anyone who is able to do so much like you do and you still find time to weave. You guys rock Connie! Take care.

Candy Duell said...

Connie, you make me tired just reading your blog!
Your kittens are so cute, only if I was a bit closer :)