Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It really IS spring, even though the weather is trying to disprove it! Today it got up to about 65º (that’s 20º C for you, Happy Owl!). But the wind is excessively strong, as usual.

These past few days, we’ve been planting trees. Jody and Don sold us some Apricot trees that needed to be put in; yesterday, Norm and Wayne went to town to get more trees from the Soil and Water Conservation department.

Norm chose to get 5 American Cranberries, 5 Black Hills Spruce and we got a replacement Burr Oak for the one that died last year.

Yesterday the temperature stayed around 40º, there was no sun and the wind was strong (again). I wore my insulated coveralls, my winter jacket, hat and gloves and was still cold in the wind!! Today the wind is cold, but out of the wind, it’s almost hot!

It’s depressing to visit other blogs and see flowers and blooming trees and hear about planting and even harvesting … down in Florida, I read, they are harvesting and canning green beans!!!! Oyy! The only green we have here is the grass (thankfully) and a few flowers that are starting to peak their LEAVES up!

Candy is coming from South Dakota this weekend and is bringing home plants for the garden. She is bringing me some paste tomatoes, as this area doesn’t have the GOOD ones. Wayne has tilled up the garden and will probably plant their tomatoes next week … but no WAY are we planting until nearly the end of May --- Wayne and Candy have magic fingers for gardens but our luck is not that good and we’d lose everything we planted if we put them out now!

My folks sent both Candy and I some ‘ever-flowering” lilacs that we will plant soon. Wayne, of course, has already put the 6” plant outside, but Norm got me a pot and I will keep mine in until June – it will be bigger and it will be safer for us!

Eric called this morning to tell me that he was sending me pictures. Jill went to Texas to see her friend / former roommate and her new baby girl. Jill took about 3,500,459 pictures and videos. So Eric zipped them and sent them to me. Little girl is adorable and I can’t wait until we can go see her.

Other than that, not much else is happening – it’s knitting class tomorrow; I need to get some embroidery “kits” made up for Bitty and Bubba – they forgot theirs in the Cities and want to embroider down there in New Mexico.

It is supposed to be nice tomorrow, again – if only that blasted wind would slow down a bit. You have a beautiful day!


Manerva said...

I know what you mean about the weather...I have had enough of the wind, snow, and dark days! Give me light, sunshine, and warm weather!!

Thank you for the idea for wireless, I love it! Besides on the road, I now have internet in the soap shop, which really helps when I am shipping out orders! I don't have to run to the house any longer! Yahoo!

Green Blessings,

jayedee said...

yanno.......all things are relative. i may be canning beans already, but i can't grow all the wonderful varieties of fruits ya'll can grow up north. we just don't get enough chill hours. likewise my beloved blue spruce trees. they just die here. no maple syrup either, although i am thinkin about maybe a stand of sugar cane next year.

we also miss the natural way of slowing down in the winter to rest and regroup for the spring. i really miss seeing the seasons change.

i guess there's really something to be said for where ever you live and however you have to do things, but for most of us.......the grass usually is greener on the other side of the fence! *grins*

Kati said...

Congrats on all the plants you've got ready to go in!!!! I hope the wind dies down & makes it easy for you to get them all in the ground.

Heh, you won't be finding flower pics (well, except that vase of them) at MY blog. We woke up yesterday morning (Apr. 30) to snow coming down thick & heavy. I mean, we had over 5 inches before all was said & done. *sigh* This morning dawned clear blue skies, though there are some whispy clouds off in the distance. Hopefully that's the LAST snowfall for this winter. May day.... It's exactly as it should be this morning, if you're looking up. Unfortunately looking down brings visions of snow & slush instead of green grass & flowers. Maybe I'll just continue to look up the rest of the day.... Then again, I don't relish the thought of running into all the things I'll miss if I don't look down occasionally. *wink*

Have a Blessed May Day, Connie! And thank you for your email the other day. It means a lot to me, to get that kind of support!!!