Friday, April 25, 2008

Shakespeare and things

Wednesday was Shakespeare’s birthday … and by happy coincidence, my Netflix movie arriving that day was “Henry V.” I love Shakespeare!! Now, I am not one that walks around with a book in my hand, quoting him, or speaking quotes all day long. I will be among the first to admit that READING Shakespeare is pretty boring and hard to follow. But he was meant to be PLAYED, not read. And I love his plays!

“Henry V” was directed by Kenneth Branagh, who also starred in the movie. Harry Potter fans will recognize Kenneth as Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, that hillariously funny egotistical Teacher of the Dark Arts who didn’t have a clue as to what to do about “dark arts.” Also in the movie, to my delight, was Judi Dench and Emma Thompson, two of my favorite female actors.

I expected Norm to either fall asleep during the movie or go upstairs and work on spoons, but he enjoyed it as well. Of course, I had the subtitles on so that Norm could follow the movie easier.

A pleasant evening with a good movie and good company!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Joy and the girls and Grandpa Bill (and Tasha) showed up about 10:00. They came in rain, they left in rain, and they drove in rain. This morning when Joy called, it was still raining! They stopped in Nebraska overnight and woke up in rain. Joy is driving the Kia (very small car) and they have a bundle strapped on top – the straps hook to the lip of the top of the car but when the door is closed, there is enough of a break that the wet canvas strap oozes so that water drips into the car. Everyone had their own towel to stop the drip from hitting them. However, because it rained overnight, the seats were wet this morning. What a miserable way to drive for 17 driving hours! However, I just talked to Joy – they are almost to Pueblo, Colorado, and are driving in sun and warmth.

While they were here, we went out to the barn to see the baby kittens. Grandpa Bill told the girls that Grandpa Norm would count the kittens and know if they had snuck one into the car! I couldn’t promise that I would keep 1 for them, but did say that I hoped they would come back for a visit when the kittens were big enough to play with.


Jessica got to collect eggs, which made her very happy. She LOVES to gather eggs! She even got 1 from under a “peckey” hen – and didn’t mind being pecked while getting it!

Ashley helped me finish rolling on my warp on the 36” loom. I’m not sure what I’m going to make – I might make a tablecloth instead of a table runner. It will be blue and white in a “Wall of Troy” pattern. I’ll take pictures while I’m working on it.

After they left, we got ready to go to town. Norm was going to deliver eggs and do other errands while I had a beginning knitting class I had to teach. My friend Cathy Peterson (also a “CLP” like me) – no relation – is in charge of getting classes for BARC (Business Arts and Recreation Center). She keeps asking me to do lessons and I got caught this time. Cathy was also taking the lessons – she knows that she had knit sometime in the past but couldn’t remember when or how to do it. But she had a flashback while knitting of a blanket she had knit when her daughter was a baby. So she now knows when she had done SOME knitting.

After class Norm and I followed Cathy to her home for supper before Sons of Norway last evening. She and her dentist husband have a delightful house on the river that is also his dental office. His “commute” is walking upstairs and opening a door from the house to the office. (Don’t know how he can afford those horrible gas prices!!) It’s a house that I pass quite often on the way to the county museum where the Sons of Norway meet every month. I have always admired it but didn't realize it was hers!
After a delightful supper and desert (strawberries on angel food cake and Cool Whip), we walked to the museum for the meeting.

The weather is cold today – it’s 36º right now and breezy. It rained all night long and most of yesterday. This morning I had Norm drive me to exercise – he did errands while I exercised, then we came home – it was pouring when we went, then pouring PLUS sleet as we came home. Now the rain has stopped. I saw a little bit of snow but it stopped so it’s “dry” out now – however, the weather map shows the blizzard conditions in South Dakota are heading our way. My mom called this morning to tell me that a friend driving from west to east on the interstate drove through blizzards and icy roads. This is NOT what I wanted to hear!! We could have 1 to 3 inches by morning of the white stuff!!

But the moisture is very much needed so I shouldn’t complain. It will be a beautiful (if wet and cold) day – you have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

Hi Connie,
Oh no... not the white stuff. We had a heavy frost this morning but it is gone and no we are in the 50s although it feels colder. I have been covering my broccolli in hopes of an early crop. Its such fun to have visitors. My wee grandson is here and is a delight.

Frances said...

I think we've been cyberfriends for about two years now (?) and I have to say , the pic with the girls and the kittens is the cutest one you've ever posted ! I love it!


Kati said...

Yeah, we woke up to the white stuff yesterday morning as well. (Do you realize that almost all winter this year, our weather seems to have mirrored each other pretty closely??? Or, maybe I only recognized that because you've talked about your weather, though I haven't talked about mine as much.)

I'm totally jealous of your girls getting to snuggle the kittens. I can't blame them for wishing they could sneak one home.

I hope your snow melts quickly and that you get back to spring.