Saturday, April 05, 2008

I’m too old for all this excitement!

We’ve had two solid days of going, going, going! Two solid days of not being home! Two solid days of “I’m tired.. Can we go home?”

Yesterday there was an auction and Norm wanted to go check out a lathe that was listed. Now I love to go to auctions, but they are dangerous places to go! Not only is there stuff there that I can’t live without, even though I keep telling myself that I don’t NEED more STUFF; the auctioneer is out to get me from the minute he sees me!

John was one of the first that Norm and I met when we bought Ash Lane Farm, even before we moved here. We decided to stop at an auction on our way home to Shakopee from Ash Lane Farm one weekend. John, who owns his own auction company, is a very quick study. He soon realized my weaknesses for bowls and dishes and furniture and played up to them. Now, I know he does this with everyone but he makes it seem very personal. Especially when he looks at me with those big brown eyes and says: “help me here!” if he needs someone to put in a first bid.

And I weaken! Yesterday I got caught with a microwave – and I don’t NEED one – I have TWO of the monsters already! But my first bid of two dollars was the last bid! Fortunately, friend Katie says she can use another microwave at that price and will take it off my hands.

However, we ended up with a lot of stuff, but mostly things that we needed or could use, replacing stuff we have that is junk right now.


A pasta cooker and a new kitchen stool


A lovely oak end table that will probably end up in the studio


I was given this by a woman who wanted something else in the box but not this!

Total surprise - I hadn't bid on it or even desired it. But Norm likes it!

And Norm got his lathe, which made him happy!

However, a day at the auction is very long and very tiring, no matter how much fun it is (and how disastrous to our pocket books).

Then today we headed to Mankato to get some more wood pellets for the stove and do a little bit of shopping before going to the Electrical Co-Op annual meeting. They offer a lovely lunch – turkey today – and then door prizes after the meeting. I guess that’s the best way to get people to come and listen to the news that the electricity will cost more, again, this year, and only get worse!

People, call or write your congressman and tell him / her to not vote for the coal – carbon tax bill. According to our electrical board, it will not make things better because Congress plans on using the tax on the coal plants (that will come out of OUR pocket) to try to lessen the national debt. Our guys say that if they tax, they should use all the money to further renewable energy options. Also, Congress should (according to these guys) actually be working on upgrading the dams that furnish electricity; the dams can furnish more electricity than several coal plants.

Today was a beautiful day, even though we spent a lot of it inside. It’s pretty obvious that Spring IS coming. However, on Monday we were hit with about eight inches of fresh, wet snow. That snow is nearly gone as we had temperatures in the fifties today! But, knowing spring and April in Minnesota, it is not surprising that we are expecting a big snowstorm again in the morning!


April Fools!!


Ice on the Dogwood!


Nuthatch "enjoying" the snow!


Robins claim it's spring!


Hundreds of blackbirds are trying to find food in the melting snow on April 2nd

However, any snow that we get will add to our much-needed moisture, so it will be a beautiful day, none-the-less. You have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

Well, I'm guessing that the lady gave it to you (and Norm likes it so much) because it looks like it COULD be you & Norm, cuddled on the couch together looking at a family album. VERY sweet!!!! (And, I normally don't get gush over Precious Moments, having fended off receiving my fair share of them from Dad's cast-offs.)

Glad Norm got his lathe, and I'm glad you found a couple of other things that you could use, without breaking the bank.

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE bowls and pots and kitchen bits and bobs and I would be a sucker at an auction, Im bad enough on ebay lol........ glad you got some bits ya needed, and LOL@buying ANOTHER microwave :) but ya got the main thing ya went for, the lathe.... great job :).....


Slip said...

No pictures of Norm's lathe?