Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hmmm ….

While I was on the elliptical machine yesterday (14 ½ minutes), I got to thinking .. not much else to do except watch dumb TV that I can’t hear because of fans and noisy machines. Jody said that she felt being on ellipticals was like being a galloping giraffe but I feel like I’m Jar-Jar Binks. And if I put my hair into 2 ponytails I could flop my “ears” like him, as well.

Thursday was pretty busy for a laid-back, retired lazybones! I had to get up at 6:30 (YIKES~~) to get Norm ready to leave for South Dakota. I also received, from Wayne, 2 of his dogs, Cricket and Ren. I talked to Jody and she was coming over after doing chores. Then Margaret, from the Farm, called – Norm had promised I’d help unload their baby Cornish Cross chicks when they came in (175 of them and 25 Golden Stars). And THEN the trucker called – he was bringing Norm’s new toy. Since Norm let me have my new KitchenAid, I insisted he get a Planer that he’s been drooling about for years! And I HAD to be there for that!

So, waiting for Jody, waiting for Margaret’s call when she arrived back with the chicks and waiting for the trucker and the planer. Jody arrived and 3 dogs went tearing out to kill her. As she was petting and being overwhelmed by dogs, she said “there’s a semi in the road!” The driver decided not to risk coming into the lane so he hand-carted the box (94 pounds) into the garage for me. Jody said he had followed her from the highway and was feeling like the horror movie where a trucker tries to run over the hero, in a car.

I then told Jody the “good news – bad news” --- bad news, I had to go to the Farm – good news, she was coming with me. We went over to put chickens in their new home. The babies need to have their beaks dipped in water so they start drinking and get the idea that they are supposed to drink. It didn’t take the 3 of us long to get babies in the pen, surround by blankets to keep the warmth of the heat lamps in. Then Margaret invited us in for lunch. Melinda, chief cook and bottle washer was setting up lunch for a group that had come (either for the day or the weekend, no sure) so we joined in, but we ate our lunch in the conference room next to the awesomely neat greenhouse room. I had the BEST French Bread that I have EVER had and told Melinda I NEEDED that recipe so she copied it off for me before Jody and I headed home.

After Jody left, I finished mixing up my first batch of cookies in the KtichenAid (Auntie Pete’s molasses cookies), put them in the fridge for overnight and then made some French Bread from Melinda’s recipe.. it turned out great for even ME!!

Yesterday it rained, some, but not enough to water the potatoes that Norm and I planted on Wednesday, so I need to find the garden hose so I can water this weekend. I went to exercise, did some shopping and then got some books from the library. Thanks to Candy and niece Cookie, I have gotten hooked on Nora Roberts (thanks, girls, you will PAY!!). When I got home, I opened up “Carolina Moon;” I finished it last night (morning) at 2:30 AM!!! Just in time for Ren to jump on the bed and say, “Take me OUT!”

Between book readings, I managed to bake the molasses cookies and start typing my favorite and much read recipe cards on the computer. Some of the recipes are 40+ years old and fading badly. If I can get them all in, I MIGHT make a booklet for my girls. I will have to print out one for me, anyway. I also washed Norm’s 2 pair of overalls and his work jacket, sweatshirt and hat so he can start clean again when he gets home. It was raining so I hung them up on the dryer rack in the kitchen. Cricket freaked out when I put the rack up, but settled down after she got used to it.

So today I got up at 6:00 when Ren jumped on the bed, again, saying “I need OUT again!” so I got up, let the 3 out and then fed them before crawling back into bed. Cricket crawled into her bed, Peanut crawled in with me and Ren slept by the bed. But when I woke up an hour later, I found Ren on the bed with me. Wayne is going to KILL me!!! But what can I say? I have no control over what happens when I am in a deep sleep with weird dreams!

Now I have to go over to check on Candy’s cats. I might take some cookies over to Jody’s. I know she likes molasses cookies. She sat on the floor on Thursday and ate a huge big spoonful of the dough!

It’s supposed to be warmish today and we should have some sun today. I am going to try my BEST to not take the second Nora Roberts book out of the bag so that I can actually get some WORK done. I need to put a new runner on my 12” demo loom. I actually finished one I’ve been working on for a very long time. This one will go on my bench / table in the living room.


It’s Saturday – Opera if it’s a good one and Prairie Home Companion on the radio, something yummy to eat that I don’t have to share and 3 dogs to keep me running as someone ALWAYS wants to go outside!

You have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

Ooooh, that's a beautiful runner, Connie!

Have fun with your friends while Norm's gone!!! Oh, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with loving Nora Robert's books. Read her "3 Sisters Island" triology. It's fantastic. As is her "Born In..." triology. Those are my two favorite series of hers.

And, if you haven't already read Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series, I STRONGLY suggest you start (the first book IS "Outlander") when you finish with your Nora Roberts books. I really think you'd enjoy the "Outlander" books. And, there are only 7 of them in the series. And as long as they each are, it'll take quite a while to read through the whole series thereby keeping you from buying too many other books for a while. *wink* (Took me a couple of months to read the first book, having only a few minutes at a time to read it. And all 7 of the books are incredibly long, though not hard to read.)

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh my you sound so very very busy, I would of loved to of helped you with all the chicks...... the table runner is gorgeous, I love checked material....

Take care...


Manerva said...

Love Nora Roberts! You will have to add Montana Sky to your list. Sounds like everyone is doing well.

Seagrass said...

Hi! I just found your blog from the homesteading webring, and I just laughed my head off at your comment about being on a galloping giraffe and feeling like jar jar binks.... just thought I'd let ya know!