Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Shepherd Farm

I have talked a lot about my soon-to-be neighbor, Jody. She and Don will be moving down here this summer / fall, permanently. They had been coming about once a month for a few days until just recently.

I had been trying to convince Jody to come down by herself and spend quality time; she came down to spend a few days and ended up spending almost two weeks here. Don came down but went back again, so she was alone to paint and remodel in the house. This house was moved on from another location and needs a lot of work (but less than when they started).

Then Don purchased some Yaks and moved them down so he doesn’t want to leave them for very long at a time. They then purchased three Saanen yearlings and brought them down.

This past week, now, they have had the yaks, the goats, some guineas and Arthur Godfrey, the lamb she adopted from the Farm. If you remember, he was the one with the broken leg that I cared for until Jody decided to adopt him.









This means that they will be moving down (hopefully) sooner than planned. Or at least spending more time down here.

The two of them, along with Don’s aunt, Lorraine, headed home on Friday, but Jody will be back here today (Tuesday). Norm and I have gone over to check on everyone – except Arthur – as he is still on the bottle (once a day); Jody took him home with them. All of them only need to be checked on, as there is plenty of food and water for them all; however, the goats need some human contact and some pellets, as they say, always, that they are STARVING!!!

Don is hoping to be able to raise Yaks and sell Yak meat – this is supposed to be the leanest and healthiest red meat that there is. He is also talking about getting some Angus heifers and raising mixed Angus / Yak calves for meat as well. That is all well and good, but people need to LIKE the taste of Yak meat to start with! I am willing to give it a try – but how WILL it taste?

Having Jody here more often is fantastic. We have “like minds” and will be able to get into lots of trouble! There are things she needs to learn from me and things I need to learn from her. Also, there are things we BOTH know but want an extra hand in pulling off.

Plans for the future include spinning Yak hair (she’s already beginning to pull it off the Yaks), raising more than one lamb for spinning, hopefully getting at least one Angora goat for spinning.

When the goats are bred, then freshened, we will use the milk for goats’ milk soap, cheese and all kinds of good things that come from the milk. I will be able to get my “fix” for milking by visiting her and won’t have to fight with Norm about ME getting a milk goat!

Jody and Don are also going to raise German Shepherd puppies in the future. They have two females that are growing up; Don will make kennels for them so that they can start to breed, raise and sell the pups. Both girls are registered GSD (German Shepherd Dogs) so they will have some NICE pups!

Exciting work just down the road, two and a half miles west of us. I’m excited about them moving down and Jody is getting more and more excited about the final fruition of all their plans.

On another note, it really IS spring out! New kittens, revamping the barn and re-roofing it. Grass is greener; plants are starting to come up. High wind warnings to blow the roof off of MY house!! Ah, Spring!!!

It is a beautiful (but windy) day today – you have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

First off, I actually LOL over the pic of the three goats leaning over the fence or whatever.... That was a hoot!!! *big wide grin*

It sounds like your friend Jody has some great plans and I'm glad you've found another "partner in crime" for your crafting & farming plans. The goats-milk soap sounds fabulous!!!! (Of course, I LOVE handmade soaps, so I'd go gagga in a store of your stuff anyway.)

Keep us posted about the progress Jody & Don make!!!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

How exciting! Yaks, goats, sheep..So much fiber and variety. Keep us updated on the yak meat. I have never had it,but would be interested in what it is like. I read yaks are milked too.. Wonder if they will try their hand at some yak cheese. lol..

Connie Peterson said...

Kati, the three goats were reaching over the fence to dead tree that had been stacked there this winter. They chose dead pine needles to fresh hay - go figure!

Tammie, Jody does plan on trying to milk the yaks, if she can tame them down enough. Yak cheese sounds interesting, doesn't it? I certainly hope the meat tastes good.

jayedee said...

yaks?!! how incredibly cool is that?
how about yaks milk soap? wouldn't that be a novelty at the craft shows?

Jan said...

Hi Connie,
Have you ever had milk goats? I did and truly miss them.
Yak meat?? Well let me know how it tastes. Folks are hard to convince as we found out with goat meat.