Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doesn’t it just amaze your eyes?

Yesterday we had snow! By noon it was all gone! It stayed windy and pretty chilly all day but we had sunshine and green grass!


Snow in the garden


A rare glimpse of kittens without Momma on the nest with them

Joy made it to New Mexico, finally – and sent lovely pictures. Go to her blog to see some of the beautiful New Mexico scenery. Also, she has given me permission to give you her PhotoBucket spot.

Yesterday was a fun day for me – Saturdays usually are – a fun opera and Prairie Home Companion. I did some weaving, thanks to Ashley helping me finish the rolling on. I made a sponge cake with my lovely new KitchenAid mixer. I had pizza crusts in the freezer so I made garlic chicken pizza for supper. This is a pizza I learned to love from Papa Murphy’s.

I don’t know if all of you have “Papa Murphy’s” in your area. It’s a pizza place where you either call in or walk in, order your pizza and they fix it whatever way you want, then take it home and bake it. You can also freeze them, so you could order several and have them at a later date. While living in the Cities, it was handy to go get pizza that way. Here in the country, the only pizza place is Godfather’s, twenty miles away. I have started making several pizza crusts, baking them partially and then freezing them.

Garlic pizza is white base – Italian dressing with garlic powder mixed in and let to sit for a while to saturate. Then cooked chicken (we had left over from the two chickens I baked for lunch on Thursday); the ‘normal’ way to have this is with green onions on it, but Ashley and Jessica and I love black olives instead. You can also have tomatoes on it if you wish. I made my pizza with black olives, then put onions on Norm’s pizza (small ones). The green onions came from the garden – the only green thing there – they are Egyptian or “Walking” Onions and come up every year – small but make good “green onions” as they are mostly stem.

Norm worked in the entryway, cleaning it out, putting a new floor on part of it and reorganizing. This will make a neater statement of our house (even though the house is not neat!) as people walk in. Also will give us more room to store things more tidily.

Sister Candy will be back from South Dakota this week. It will be great to see her once again! We will be collecting new trees to plant on Tuesday. I have Knitting class on Thursday. A busy week ahead!


Norm brought home Cara's dolls for me to love and treasure

It is a beautiful day today – not much wind, the temperature is in the mid forties and there is sunshine. You have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Raggedy Ann and Andy!!! I have loved them as long as I can remember. I still have some of the books I had as a little girl, teaching manners and how to get along.

Treasure them always.

Love You


The Barber Bunch said...

I just jumped over from The Back 40

Wanted to say Hi and Nice Blog

Look at hose Kitten's. Too CUTE!


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Hi Connie, I got the rose cuttings yesterday and quickly got them going. Thank you again for sharing with me. The larger one i split into 2 since it was so wide. i could not fit a gallon size baggie over the set up like that.
Have a great week!

jayedee said...

my daughter used to sing the praises of papa murphy's when she lived in minnesota. we don't have anything remotely close down here in florida, but i wish we did.