Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Aunt Millie’s Shoulderette

Joy, Candy and I have been working on a project since around Christmas. Candy has an antique shoulderette – shrug – shawl with a sleeve, what ever it is called. Our great Aunt Millie had knit this quite a long time ago. Candy was given it and has treasured it for years.

The shoulderette is rayon, from what we can gather, so it had to be done after 1911, as rayon came into the hands of knitters (and crotcheters) about that time. Rayon is the first of the man-made fibers that was used commercially as well as for home use.

Candy loaned it to Joy to see if she could copy the pattern, which she managed to do in less than a day! (Talented children I have, don’t I?) Then she wrote out the pattern with the hopes of being able to sell the pattern to other knitters who are interested in “antique” crafts.

I really don’t like calling it an antique, because in MY mind, an antique has to be older than 1900. However, most people in this world consider something older than 50 years as an antique (which makes ME an antique!).

If you are interested in attempting the shoulderette, it is listed on my
Etsy page. Joy says it’s a medium skill project. The pattern is in PDF, so it's easy to download!

The pictures following are of the original one. Joy is going to knit one in wool and perhaps someday I will be able to spin enough of an interesting color for her to knit one for me out of the handspun.



I remember Aunt Millie visiting us when I was about 8 or 9 years old. We lived in Bemidji, Minnesota for a few years; her home in the Big Stone area. She and her daughter, Cousin Esther, came to see my mother.


I hope you enjoy the shoulderette, should you chose to accept this mission!

Have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

Connie, sweety, in my mind you aren't "antique" you're "Vintage." Antique is 100 years or older, vintage is anything 30 years or older. And, I'm pushing "vintage" myself. *wink*

That "shoulderette" is beautiful. I wish I had the knitting skill to attempt it, so I could add it to my growing collection of shawls. Joy did a great job renewing the pattern!

Sonia said...

Just beautiful your shoulderette! Have a beautiful day as well!

Moonbeam said...

I like it! I wonder if Happy Owl can make one?!

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow, Ive never seen a one armed shawl thingie.. how unusual.... I suppose it would be especially good for people with one arm ;).... it is truely beautiful and I LOVE the old photo of ya Auntie....


Gardengirl1952 said...

Perhaps even made for the new mother to drape as she beastfed the little one. Thus the one arm hole to keep it on the shoulder and the drape to use as cover?