Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answers and Happenings

First of all to answer some questions that have popped up.

Yes, Kati – the “Ghostly Trio” is leaning over the back fence. There is a pile of dead pine trees there and they were enjoying dead pine needles over fresh hay!

Yes, Tammie – Jody wants to try to milk the Yaks if they will tame down enough for that. And she loves making cheese, so if she gets milk, she will try cheese.

Jaydee, Yak’s milk soap sounds wonderful. I will mention it to Jody.

Jan, I have had milk goats and cows. I love milking! I miss my cow, as I prefer cows to goats (mostly because of the cream and butter and stuff). I have been told by many people, including the powers that be (Norm and sister Candy) that I cannot handle milking on a daily basis any more. And I have agreed. Sadly, I will have to get my “fix” by going over occasionally to milk Jody’s goats, when they freshen (which will probably be next spring (sigh).

And on another note, it really MUST be spring! I have little tiny leaf buds on trees – and please don’t brag about your flowers or green trees!!!! I am excited about green grass in small amounts!! I don’t need to be depressed about not seeing flowers. Although my daylilies are starting to sprout.


Buds on a Linden

The baby kittens are growing well. We lost one the first night – I’m guessing a birth defect of some kind. But the other three are getting bigger! Scooter is a good momma. Poor Spook doesn’t know what’s going on – his bed partner has kicked him out – not only out of bed but also out of the barn! He feels he has to sneak in to get something to eat and he’s lonesome!!!




Norm is enlarging the chicken run again. He uses the snow fence in the wintertime to catch snow in the south pasture, but uses it for the chicken run during the rest of the year. We enlarged just a little bit yesterday and the hens are so excited to find fresh green grass. Norm also moved the west end of the yard because the hens were picking on my daylilies – and it was his suggestion, not mine … how sweet!

Norm and Wayne are heading to South Dakota “as we speak.” Candy has been there since the first of April; her former boss made arrangements for Candy to come work for a month on contract. Now the boss is talking about all summer, but Candy is saying perhaps June. Candy is staying at the house (the folks have not sold it, yet, but are still cleaning it out) and helping the folks on Saturdays to clean and throw.

Anywho, Wayne wanted to go in the middle of the month to see his Candy; my dad wanted Norm and Wayne to come over to help finish cleaning out the shed and garage in the house. So they will be gone for about four days. I am taking care of Ren and Cricket, two of the dogs, and niece Cookie is taking care of Lacey. That way I don’t all a totally full house. Right now, Ren is sleeping on the floor, Cricket is sleeping on Ren’s bed and Peanut is in her bed by the computer. Nice and quiet for a while, anyway!

Yesterday I got my tax refund present!!! I’m so excited – I think I’ll make a bunch of cookies and freeze them just to test the machine out!!!


On a strange note, Happy Owl’s blog is gone! It just disappeared. Her good friend, Moonbeam, called her to see if there was a problem and Happy Owl didn’t know it was gone! Now I don’t know if blogspot “disappears” blogs if they are not kept up on a weekly basis or something, but somehow it is gone. Moonbeam MSN’d me and told me that things were okay with Happy Owl; however, I doubt if the blog will come back on – she is so busy with homeschooling and working part time, as well as gardening now that the weather has turned better. So I am going to take her link off (sigh). I just wanted everyone to know that it is not because I don’t want to read it anymore. Happy Owl is one of my best friends, blog or otherwise. Moonbeam and I both got her calling cards for her birthday so that she can call me (and her mom) and we can talk - we usually end up talking about two hours at a time!

And, on a personal note (yes, Eric, I am including this), I did fourteen minutes on the elliptical machine yesterday and got my heart rate up to one hundred thirty-three!!! OOOOOOFTA!! I don’t feel that I’ve changed much as the scale STILL says the same weight, but Jody CLAIMS my face is thinner!! Dunno, but I am still going nearly three times a week.

So, now it’s time to do some actual work around here. It’s an overcast day but NO WIND!!


How windy was it? We had plus sixty miles per hour winds the other day!

The wind knocked over the two stumps holding a feeder pan


It also bent the shepherd's hook and flipped the bird feeder off

But it will be a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


On a warm sunny day, Peanut is too lazy to even get up on her chair

but soaks sun up on the stairs leading to the chair


Kati said...

*chuckle* Poor Peanut.... All that sunshine seems to be SAPPING her energy. *grin* She looks so funny there, half-way up her steps, basking in the sunshine.

YEAH for doing so much work on the eliptical!!!! I hope you're able to keep it up.

Thanks for posting such sweet kitty pics. Dang, I wish I could adopt one of them when they're a bit older.

Sorry to hear that Heb has quit blogging. What a bummer!! Just when she'd come back to it, as well..... *sigh* I hope she comes back to us eventually.

Jan said...

Good to read your blog, Connie. I also had cows but we found that the goats were easier to keep and the milk could be spread out with having several goats. I did so like to make butter and ice cream from the Jersey cow we had though!
Our fields are finally clear of snow and I am thinking about getting peas planted this weekend... if time permits. The census and the doll enterprise has kept me very busy.

maidmyown said...

So sad about Happy Owl - hope you can keep us up to date with her via your blog!