Friday, March 07, 2008

She’s here!

Meet Caroline Peterson! My character name is Caroline, after my grandmother. Jan made this doll just for me. And she came just in time so that I can take her to New Ulm. She is close enough to “period correct” to have me sit her on my table. Thank you, Jan!


Yesterday was cold and snowy – and a little chickadee sat on my rose bush long enough for me to take a lot of pictures of him. You can see his feathers fluffed up for the cold!


No exercise this morning; the wind chill is –31º and Norm says I am not to drive out in this! So I will continue the food packing for this afternoon when we leave. I am making a cream cheese and olive dip for the crackers, will have a summer sausage log and cheese; apples and oranges, as well. I have made some peach / white grape juice and refrozen it so it will be COLD for breakfast tomorrow. Tonight is a potluck for any one that is around and then tomorrow night is the “family” potluck – the smaller group of close friends that will gather down near our spot and visit and eat. I am making a cheeseburger and noodle casserole for that. Put it in the crock pot and let it sit in the car overnight (it will freeze) then warm it up tomorrow.

It is supposed to warm up this weekend but it won’t matter too much to me, as I will probably never leave the hall during the weekend. But I hope it’s going to be a nice weekend for everyone else. I know *I* will have a great weekend!


grandma rosie said...

Oh I do your dolly. She is beautiful. My sweet mother used to make dolls. I still have some of them.

Cris said...

What a beautiful doll! I love bird pictures Connie!