Thursday, March 13, 2008

Norm's Nook

I have finally put some pictures on Norm's blog. These are spoons and other items of wood for sale. I apologize to Renee and her nephew for taking so long!

I hope to take some pictures of him working so you can see the way he works on the spoons.

Enjoy the spoons and things. I love looking at them and wish they could ALL be mine! However, his selling them at our events pays for our gas and food and sometimes even more!

Have a beautiful day!




Kati said...

Hey Connie!!! Got something for ya over at my blog!!!

Sonia said...

Just dropping by to wishing you all a nice weekend!

I will soon to make a visit to Norman's blog.

Herbs and Me said...


Thank you for the pictures:) I just love seeing Norm's spoons. I can really see all the love and work he puts into them. My newphew is still practicing:) He is 14 and really enjoys carving. I am going to show him Norms pictures:)



Moonbeam said...

Very nice spoons Norm. I wonder, can you make a moon in the end like you did with the heart?