Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ah was jus’ a thinkin’

Norm and I went to the Sons of Norway meeting yesterday morning. It is always an enjoyable time, seeing friends that I see only once a month (or sometimes, like this winter, once every THREE months!).

When we said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem, it reminded me of the flack that has been going around about the Pledge and the Anthem and Barack Obama.

Now, I do NOT want to go political, here – I am obsessively allergic to talking politics, but it has made me angry that people are pointing to one picture and trying to prove that an American wants to ruin the nation and turn us all into Muslims.

As I was looking around the room at the Sons of Norway meeting, I saw that everyone had their hand over their heart at the Pledge but only ONE had his hand over his heart at the Anthem. I, personally, was raised to stand when the Anthem was played, to look at the flag and sing. The hand-over-the-heart thing was not required or expected.

This whole hand-over-the-heart for the Anthem is a new thing and most people do NOT do it! Barack was probably raised, as I was, to know that it is not necessary. Just because he didn’t do it does not mean he’s not a loyal, patriotic American. I wish the people that use it as fodder for trashing him would stop, but wishing won’t work. If wishes were horses, we all would ride and my barn would be FULL of horses!!!

I have a friend - and I still consider him a friend despite his angry and vicious attacks on Barack – that sends emails out almost daily about Barack. It makes me sick to my stomach.

I would like to state, here, that if these attacks were on anyone else, it would make me just as sick. I hate any vicious attacks on anyone who is brave enough to stand up and attempt to lead our country.

I used to tell my girls that if they had any thoughts of running for public office that they should start as infants and make sure their lives were pure as the driven snow; otherwise someone would attack them about their past lives!

Oh, well … that’s my rant of the day. It will be sunny, supposedly, and wamish, without much wind. It will be a beautiful day for working outside.

Friend Jody and her fiancé Don came over yesterday. Don called and said – we can only get one station and my old school’s girls’ basketball team is playing in the State finals, may I come over and watch? I am so pleased that they are so comfortable in asking and coming over. Don and Norm watched the game; Jody and I drank mint tea (she had a tummy ache) and solved more problems of the world.

When the game was over (they lost), Don came upstairs and picked on me. He’s Norwegian, I am a quarter Norwegian and I don’t like lutefisk! He promises to make me some this next Christmas and promises that I will love it. In reality, I have never HAD it – the smell is always so bad I can’t get past that! Don cooks his in the plastic bag in the microwave and there is no smell. Wonder if I could convince him to boil the bag in hot water on the stove – a little less plastic pollutants there, I would think!

Our snow is nearly gone and there is actually SOME green grass. The hens love being outside in the fresh air; they pick on the old grass and look for new green stuff.

You have a beautiful, non-political day!


Kati said...

My feeling when somebody points out how much change would be required if we were to elect somebody like Obama is to ask "how well has what we've BEEN doing worked for us, REALLY??? Would change REALLY be all that bad???" And secondly, to wonder if they've REALLY investigated who Obama is. He's NOT muslim, he's protestant (or, is it Charismatic?). I actually enjoy (lately) having the occasional political conversation, as long as everybody involved stays good-natured about it. We can stand to learn a lot from each other, about the potential candidates and other world-views, if we are just willing to relax a bit & listen to each other.

Glad to hear y'all had a great time at the Son's of Norway meeting!! And that you had a good time visiting with your friends. Best of luck trying the lutefisk. I don't think it's something I'd be particularly amped about trying, either. (My FIL tries to get me to try pickled herring every year, which he grew up with in Wisconsin as a traditional New Year's Eve food.)

Have a Blessed Week, Connie!!!

Cris said...

I never talk about politics, but here voting is mandatory, so, we all ended up involved. I love the pictures of the sleep over post, that's one part of your country I never got to know, and it is thrilling to me. xoxox

Kati said...

Hey Connie!!! You've been tagged again!!! Details at my place!