Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things and things

Well, last night was the coldest night of the season. It was –19º (actual temperature) at 4:00 this morning. Don’t ask me WHY I was up at 4:00 – ask Peanut or the boys!

So today was a day of postponements and canceled plans. Candy and I were going to go to Sam’s Club and do other shopping this morning, but decided to wait until tomorrow. So we figured we’d go exercise this morning, but wait until later in the morning. By 11:00 this morning, Norm said I couldn’t go (I didn’t fight him). At that time, the chill factor was still about –27º!

Anywho, yesterday, despite the cold, I went to see the heart doctor, Dr. P. He said I was doing very well and was proud of me for the exercise I was doing and that I was getting my heart rate up to about 110. I need to have it between 100 and 135. Dr. P also “upped” my beta-blocker to twice what I have been taking (and I can feel the difference already!).

As far as the babies --- Sorry, Kati, they are goats! Most sheep are not multicolored like these guys are. Candy, I like the idea of the book – I’m thinking about it and how it would work out. I need someone to draw the pictures (sister Candy, wanna try?). Festus had, possibly, a "Protracted Tendon” but he’s getting stronger by the minute. He can even jump on his hind legs!


Valentino, one week old


Festus, three days old


Three bodies helping me wash dishes


Even devoted mommies have to escape once in a while


Stairs are a challenge to be met


I think I can!


I'm going to make it to the top!


Oh, oh! I'm slipping!


Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Norm was going to take the boys back to the Farm today but is waiting until tomorrow because it’s too cold today, but should be “mild” tomorrow. He is going to pen them with a heat lamp so they will be able to move around more but also will be warm. I will miss them and Peanut will miss them but it will be nice to have a full night’s sleep (they do sleep all night but Peanut doesn’t! She gets up at least 3 times a night to check on them and makes me get up, too!).

And have you caught the eclipse? Jill called to make sure that we had heard about it. And fortunately we can see it from our bedroom window. There is no way in God’s Green Earth that I would go outside to see it tonight!! It’s still got a chill factor of –8º which isn’t bad, considering how cold it was this morning, but still too cold to go outside, for me!


The eclipse from the window, through the trees

It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day!


GrandmaRosie said...

My mind cannot imagine that kind of cold. This old Southern Grandma would croak!
70's here today and lots of sunshine.
The eclipse was beautiful tonight. The moon was red here. I was hoping for a "Blue Moon" , but red was nice.
Love this pictures !

Kati said...

LOL That's ok that they're goats & not lambs. They're cute, either way. I just didn't know which they were, is all. Glad to hear that they're doing well enough to move out of the barn, though I'm sure you & peanut will miss them.

We actually got to go outside & look at the eclipse for a good little bit, last night. Even had DD's telescope out, trying to get a better view of the eclipse & whatever that star/planet to the left of the moon was. I'd heard that Saturn with all it's rings should be visible. Not sure if that was saturn we were looking at, though. *grin* Evidently our telescope isn't good enough to see a clear view of the rings, if that WAS Saturn.

Sorry to hear that you didn't get to go outside to view the eclipse. It was neat!

karl said...

oh my, Festus is a perfect name for him. so cute.