Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One mile!!

I made it! Yesterday I kept on the treadmill, faster than before, until I hit the one-mile mark!! OOFTA!! But what a good feeling, as I fell off the treadmill and crawled to my next “post.” I have started some upper-body exercises, now, and am slowly building a little bit more in the weights every day.

Yesterday morning was brutal going out to the van and starting on the trip to the exercise place. But by afternoon it had gotten above zero and the wind had dropped. This morning it is actually seven degrees ABOVE zero and NO WIND CHILL!! I should put that in red … NO WIND CHILL!!!! The temperature is supposed to climb this week to up to about twenty degrees, dip to zero on Friday and then climb again. This stretch of below zero was about forty-seven hours long, but not even close to the record, which ran close to two hundred hours one year!! Guess we are lucky!! We were “promised” snow, but just got a dusting over night. It is snowing lightly right now and the snow is coming STRAIGHT DOWN!!


My view on Sunday - bitter winds, little bit of snow and bitter cold

Other than that, not much has been going on – trying to keep warm has been the main focus of life around here. The house has been reasonably warm, but we have had to shut the corn stove down and use propane most morning to boost the heat above sixty degrees, then shut it down and start the corn stove up again. We are looking towards SPRING and all the joys that come with it.

Did you watch Westminster last night? In my family, MOST of the family watches the dog show and MOST of them will not miss it. It was hard to watch and not call Jill and say “Look who won!” She is two hours behind me and would not have seen the show, yet, so it would have spoiled it for her. Not only that, she had to record the dog show to watch later, as she and Eric went out to celebrate. A game that Eric and some others designed for their schoolwork was chosen to be used in advertising for the school!! Congratulations, Eric! Way to go!!

Kati from Alaska gave me this award (thank you, Kati) and I would like to pass it on to the following:


Candy D from New York, who shows the love of family throughout her blog; Tracey, who shows her love for family and mustangs; Carla Lynne, who just radiates love; my daughter, Joy, who shows love of family (and because I love her!); and two non-bloggers (if that's legal), daughter Jill and son-in-law Eric - their love for me has been shown in many different ways this past year (and before).

My mother reminded me of a comment that Nana (my mother’s mother) used to say: “The weather is moderating.” No matter what the weather was doing, it was always “moderating.” So, you have a beautiful “moderating” day.


Kati said...

Oh yeah!!! You figured out how to post the award! I was just coming over to tell you how.

Congrats on the 1 mile mark, on the treadmill. And for starting to build up your upper body.

Glad to hear that you had a reasonably warm (winter-style) day with no wind-chill to add to your misery. I hope the rest of your winter seems to go quickly so I can become jealous over the lovely spring pictures you're sure to post. *grin*

happyowl said...

Great Job on the treadmill Connie!!! I tried using one once but Moonbeams hubby grabbed the "emergency stop" key and my hubby turned it up so I went flying off the thing.... they still laugh about it today. I don't think I will ever go on a treadmill again!

Keep up the good work.