Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nobody here at the moment

Thank goodness for that!! The last two lambs were a drain! They were hyperactive, once they warmed up and were demanding food almost every hour! I hardly got a moment’s rest!

But they were sweet and pretty. Soon-to-be-neighbor Jody was down here painting and came over to ooh and awhh over the babies; she fell in love with “Sparkles” and wants to take him home.


Sparkles (on the left) and Smokey (on the right)
Jody is feeding Sparkles

I thought you’d like to see a picture of the barn down at the Farm. They have about a dozen sheep and almost all of them have been having twins or triplets.


The white goat in the front is Festus' mommy

My boys are doing well down there – but I wish they were here. To tell the truth, I like goats better than sheep. They are smarter and have more personality. My dream (shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell Norm) is to bring them back here in the spring and keep them for burdock control for the summer.


One of the main reasons why we are having so many babies so early is that the daddies got out of their pen way too early last fall; Norm is going to reinforce the fences this spring so that HE gets to chose when babies are born. After daddy meets mommy, it’s five months to baby time. If he keeps daddy away from mommy until November, then baby will come in a little bit of warmer weather (hopefully). The biggest reason for the deaths and stresses this time is that it’s too D*(***&^^M cold for them to come this time of year!!

It’s warming up, slowly, slowly. It was in the thirties yesterday but we had a bitter wind that threatened snow all day. Today is supposed to be in the mid-twenties, and hopefully not so much cold wind.

You have a beautiful day today.


Kati said...

Awwww!!! Your boys look so cute there curled up together, sleeping! Glad to hear they're doing well!

ourfriendben said...

Oh my gosh! *I* want Sparkles (and Soot, too)! HOW adorable!!!!

happyowl said...

I like goats better than sheep too.

Good luck with your dream!

Love ya


Cris said...

Aha, so their daddies fooled you this time, well, I love these beautiful babies, and the barn picture is awesome, I just love farm pictures!!! I grew up on a farm, so that's why I'm crazy about anything related to farms!