Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

And it didn’t!! We had snow yesterday – promises of up to 6” but not in the morning. Candy and I decided to brave the elements and head to exercises. We tiptoed over, each in our own vans, and enjoyed about 45 minutes of warmth and companionship. Then crawled back home. I saw a car in the ditch right outside of town, so I slowed down even more. The roads were snow-packed and slippery. I had a hard time seeing the yellow line in the middle because the snow was packed so well. But we both made it home safely! Hopefully the roads will be better tomorrow for our next venture forth.
But we made it! Didn’t let a little weather stop us in our plans! I walked on the treadmill, did some time on a bicycle, and then some time on what is called a “cross-trainer” – you recline and do stair stepping motions and pump your arms as well. I had walked 10 minutes on the treadmill on Friday – yesterday I made it 15 minutes (and made it .5 mile*). Just before I left, I went back on the treadmill and did a slower pace for about 5 minutes and did another .15 mile*.

*Please note the “point” there – it’s not “5 miles”, but “POINT 5” – ½ mile!!*


Fitness center

Joy and the girls came down this weekend for a lovely warm, crafty weekend. Ashley headed directly to “her” spinning wheel. She knows where the wool is that she is allowed to spin. Jessica headed to the looms. I allowed her to weave on my demonstration loom, which kept her content all weekend. Joy and I discussed her taking my extra wheel home, as long as she brought it back when I had lessons. However, she fell in love with “Minnie Mouse” – Norm tuned up the wheel and Joy spent most of the weekend spinning on her. I told Joy she could take the wheel home if she remembered that it was a LOAN and that the wheel is at least 150 years old. We did not tell Ashley that the wheel was going home; when they left, I told her to look at the passenger strapped in the front seat. She came flying back into the house shouting “No WAY!!!”


Joy on "Minnie Mouse"


Plying yarn


Roving, dyed by Candy

So now Ashley and Joy have a wheel to fight about and share. Both are very good at the drop spindle so they should be able to share easily. Jessica is another matter. Ashley has a loom that she got when she was 10, so now we need to have one for Jessica. Not sure what we will do about that!


Jessica is making French Toast


Ashley is studying Minnesota History


Cribbage tournament

Now it is a beautifully snowy day; Norm has gotten my cross-country skis out of the garage and I need to find my boots. Once found, then I will wait for it to warm up a bit (there’s a chill factor of –5º right now) and go out to ski for a while. You have a beautiful day!


Sunset on Ground Hog Day


Manerva said...

Oh, how I wish I still had my skiis! X country is so relaxing and easy on the body!

Sounds like you had a good weekend-lets hope for good weather for the coming one!

Sonia said...

Just dropping by to say hello!Beautiful sunset! Love also the new template!