Monday, February 18, 2008

Meet Festus!

Yesterday afternoon, I was watching Valentino scamper around the house. Norm came home from the Farm and I heard Valentino greet him (I thought). When I went around the corner to the kitchen, there was Norm with a wet baby in his arms – NOT Valentino!


This was the third of triplets that were born yesterday. He was kicked to the side while momma took to the other two. This is a common practice with duplicate births happen. He was cold, had not been cleaned off and unable to stand. I took him, wrapped him in a clean, dry towel and placed him immediately on a heating pad in a box. After he warmed up some, I gave him a little bit of milk replacer and the “Survive” Vitamin A oil that Norm brought home with him.

Later on yesterday afternoon, I went with Norm to the Farm to milk his Momma to get some colostrum to get into his tummy. This is the first milk that all mothers have and gives the baby special immunities and extra strength. Without it, a baby of any kind has less chance of surviving.

While we were there, Norm put Valentino’s momma on a makeshift milking stand, as we discovered that she is starting to get a bag! I milked her for her colostrum and then we went into the pen with the new baby's momma and her two other babies. These babies are about Valentino’s size, but the one at home is taller and larger than all of the others. Norm held momma and I got on my knees (oh! what a woman will do for babies!) and milked her. I got a total of half a pint of milk from the two mommas in a pint jar; Norm helped me get up from the ground and we headed home. I then gave the new baby some of the milk and fed Valentino again (early schedule, but I wanted to get the two on the same schedule).

As baby walked around, we noticed that he had a problem with his left hind leg – it didn’t seem to have any kind of control or even have an elbow (or knee?). We named him Festus after the sidekick in Gunsmoke. It’s a shame he’s a boy – his markings are so neat!!


Notice his hind leg is wonky!

Peanut is in fourteenth heaven! If she were happy with one baby, she is ecstatic with two! She seems to realize that Festus has a problem, as she has been MORE attentive, even when they are in their box (they are now sleeping together). Last night she slept next to their box instead of in her bed next to my bed and woke me up three (count them, THREE) times to tell me to come check on them!


On another note, yesterday was visiting day for Candy, Cookie and I. I discovered that Manerva lived close to Cookie’s town so made arrangements to meet her. It finally worked out to yesterday. We had a nice visit and got to know each other more. I hope that Manerva and Cookie get along – they are close in age and have a lot in common; well, we all have a lot in common. Manerva brought some of her lovely Wild Wind soap to offer as a gift. It is awesome – and you should all try at least one bar!

On the way home, we picked up Binni, Candy’s granddaughter; since there was no school today (President’s Day, and don’t let me get into THAT), she spent last night with Grandma and Grandpa. This morning after exercise, the three came over to see the babies and Binni got to feed them. She also bundled up (baby, it’s COLD again) and went out to see the chickens and gather eggs.


So, here I sit, trying to keep track of the “twins” – it’s difficult. Valentino follows me and sleeps at my feet when I’m sitting down, but Festus, already, is a handful. His leg is getting better; we all decided that it must be a tendon thing, as he is now showing a knee that bends in the correct direction and he is bouncing all over. He likes exploring and doesn’t want to rest. He fights going to bed, while Valentino says, “Okay, mom, I’m tired!”


Sleeping in the sunshine
Under the computer table

I was told, yesterday, to remember that these boys are “just animals!” Well, animals they may be, but they were made by God just as we two-legged animals were and are precious in God’s sight. I am doing all I can to get them healthy and keep them healthy. They will have to (sigh) go back to the Farm, but will go back as healthy babies and grow up enjoying life.

So, on this cold (again!) day, you have a beautiful day!


Grandma Rosie said...

Sounds like the nursery is full at your house. They sure are sweet!

Sonia said...

LOVE all photos! So adorable!

Candy Duell said...

Oh Connie, you are going to write a childrens book. Maybe call it Are you my Mommy? :)


Kati said...

OMG Connie!!! They are too, too adorable?!?! One question, are they sheep or goats??? *grin* I'm no farm-girl, so I can't tell. DH thinks they're goats, I think they're sheep. Whatever they are, they're freaking adorable!!!!!!!! Glad that Peanut adores them, and that you get a chance to love on some precious babies.

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Busy busy busy at your house...

I love Candy's idea about the book!


jayedee said...

ohhhhhhh! how sweet! i'm so envious! all i have are chicks! lol

Gardengirl1952 said...

You have two beautiful keepers there Connie. His leg will straighten out now he has room to move and no siblings laying on him. Sounds like he's already showing to be the feisty one. Wish I lived in your neck of the woods as I'd have me a farm full of fosters both two and four legged.

Cris said...

They are so cute! I love Valentino's colors! Your blog has a great new look, spinning Grandma is a cute nickname. xoxoxo