Saturday, February 09, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Today started out at 26º but has dropped in 6 hours to 9º. It was snowing for awhile, but that is over and we have sun but lots of wind. However, I am prepared to last out at least a month of being snowed in, if the chicken feed will hold out. We have enough food for us and for Peanut and enough corn for a month for heat, and now I have enough to keep me from being bored (as if ever!).

My dad sent me some of the videos that they are getting rid of, so I have new (or old, treasured) movies to watch.

But, I also got a “HOLY COW!!!!!!” in the mail today (delivered to the door, as the box of videos wouldn’t fit in the mail box). My youngest children, Jill and Eric, sent me the whole set (the WHOLE set) of Harry Potter for a late birthday present!!! HOLY COW!

Now, I have read two of the books but every time I try to get a new one from the library, the books are out. My only contact is the movies. Although they are good, they still are not QUITE the same and I have wanted to read the others. Now I can!!! Now I can really treasure them. In my mind, they are delightful fantasy, right up there with Narnia. All kinds of fun things that are not truly magic but something that would be fun to have. Wouldn’t you like to have a “Puter-Outer” to turn off all your lights without having to walk over and flick a switch?

So on this chilly day, Peanut and I will cuddle up and read (well, she’ll sleep) in the bright sunshine and not mind the wind howling. Thank you, kids!!! A wonderful gift and a great thought!

You have a beautiful day!

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Moonbeam said...

The Harry Potter books are so cool - much better than the movies! I always like to read the books first because you then know more about the characters etc. You said it was a late birthday gift - did I miss your birthday?