Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here we go, again!


It's a lamb, Kati!!

I went to the farm Friday night with Norm so that I could check on my boys and know for sure that they were doing well (and they are).


A ewe had just had triplets a little while before we got there. One was stillborn (sigh), one was doing well and the little one was having problems. She was squeaking when she breathed, she was shivering cold and couldn’t get warm and she couldn’t stand or suck.

Pastor Mark (he and wife run the Retreat Farm) came in to see everyone and told me that there is a colostrum replacement and that he had some. So we took that home as well as about a quarter of a cup from Momma.

The stronger lamb was sucking when we left so he / she will do well. I wrapped “Squeaky” into my arms with a towel, and then wrapped us with a scarf Norm had in the truck and held her tight. She stopped shaking quite so much by the time we got the three miles home.

Norm held her while I got the heating pad and box set up, again, then we put her into the box to get warm. Her mouth was cold and so were her feet – all signs of danger.

I warmed up the real colostrum and fed it to her – I thought I’d have to use the syringe because she was so weak, but she was able to suck and scarffed down that quickly, so I fed her some of the powdered replacer. She drank almost a half-cup of that, as well, and then I put her to bed to get warm.

After two hours, I got her up, changed the bedding, fed her more of the formula and let her walk a bit. Her mouth was warm and so were her feet. She was able to walk, even on the slippery floor and so wandered around for a while.

So, she became stronger and we took her back to Momma yesterday afternoon. Momma liked her and accepted her – it’s just a matter of her being able to remember where Norm put her for food. Someone checked last night to make sure she was drinking. She knows where the heat lamp is and she is almost as strong as her sibling.

While there, we checked on the others – one ewe had triplets, one had twins. One of the triplets looked really bad, so I carried him around while Norm (and one-handed me) set up more heat lamps and re-organized temporary pens. I had the towel that Squeaky had been wrapped in, so wrapped the new baby in it. Just before we left, I decided to leave him – his mouth was warm and he was able to walk over to momma and suck.

But this morning we got a call from the Farm – one of the triplets died over night (I KNEW I should have brought him home, but he WAS sucking!), one of the other of the three was in danger and one of the twins, as well.

So Norm popped over, grabbed them and a clean box and brought them home. They are now in the box with heating pads under them, a towel over them and colostrum in their tummies. Let’s hope!!


This is "Soot" - or "Tootie Sootie," as Norm calls her. She will be mine when she is weaned! She's a lamb, Kati!

Today is going to be in the thirties, again. Hard to believe, after last week’s severe cold. It will be a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Gosh , the boys are looking GOOD!
Great work!


jayedee said...

i have severe baby envy, yanno!

Kati said...

Ooooh, they are all so adorable!!! And I CAN tell the difference now that you're posting pics side by side. *grin* Thanks for the education Connie!!! *wink* I hope the rest of the babies all make it, though I'm sorry to hear about the two little ones that didn't. They're all very lucky to have you & Norm to care for them for a little bit while they gain their feet.

Candy Duell said...

A job well done Connie, enjoy your babies, and keep up the wonderful work your doing.

Grandma Rosie said...

I love those pretty babies. You are so good with them. I know it must bring you lots of pleasure even though it is not an easy job.

I have one of my "lambs" here today. Velvet Rose has been sick, her whole family has. Yesterday afternoon my Son-in-law ( Velvet's Daddy) was so ill we took him to the after hours ER. They called an ambulance and we had to rush him to the hospital. Double pneumonia. Since both the babies and her mom were also sick I brought Velvet home with me. She seems to feel better. No fever in the night.

happyowl said...

Connie, I think you have found yet another calling! The babies look so good and happy! Sorry to hear about the ones that didn't make it. Keep up the good work!!!!

Love ya