Friday, February 08, 2008

Groundhog day!

I forgot to mention it last week! How was YOUR ground hog? Did he/she see the sun? Our groundhog, “Ash Lane Annie” didn’t see the sun (surely you believe we have a groundhog? With all our rabbits and possums, I KNOW we have to have a groundhog somewhere!) so we are counting 6 weeks to see if it is for real. Jessica and I decided where Ash Lane Annie lives – and after we decided, Jessica commented that I had made Annie up because I said “I think she’ll live here!” Now, why would she say something like that? Of COURSE there’s an Annie! ………… Somewhere!!!

We HAVE had fog and frost for almost a week. It’s beautiful to look at and sometimes we even get some sun with it. But no really snow to speak of – several people near by are getting it, but it is missing us.


Cottonwood tree in the north east corner


Our grove, on a very foggy, foggy day

Exercise is going well. I did about .65 mile (POINT 65) on the treadmill today, speeding up the speed and walking a minute longer than on Wednesday. Also, Candy started me on lifting weights with those machines .. and brother, are my arms and shoulders sore!! My goal is to hit 1 mile (no POINT) by next Friday. Eric called today to check on how I was doing (and said he was proud of me) and we had a lovely chat – we don't talk often enough!

On another note, I have had over 15,000 visitors since I started on Blogspot nearly 2 years ago! Wow!! What a huge number!! Thank you all for visiting me and leaving such wonderful comments!

It is supposed to get cold and windy again, with a wind chill of about –25º to –35º by tomorrow afternoon!!! Brrrrrrrrr! But it is a beautiful day today. You have a beautiful day.


Kati said...

Dang.... I totally forgot about Groundhog day last weekend. I didn't even realize it'd come & gone till just reading this. *sigh*

Hope you're looking forward to a short rest-of-winter, Connie!

Candy Duell said...

I always like it when you say it is going to be warmer, because my weather follows yours.

Good for you with going to the gym. It will increase as you get going. You will have no troble at all :)

Manerva said...

Beautiful pictures Connie. I too forgot about Groundhog Day, so many things going on, it just slipped right on by.