Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goodbye, Arthur Godfrey!

On Tuesday, Norm brought a young ram lamb home that was in trouble. He had been born on Monday but was not doing well. We discovered he had a problem leg. I named him Sploge because of the sploges of color that he has.


Candy, Wayne and Jody came for supper. After much discussion and checking out, we decided that Sploge had a broken leg.

This little boy took special care, as he was so weak. I was feeding him with a syringe and feeling grateful if he drank about an eighth of a cup of formula at a time. I even added some corn syrup in the formula to give him extra strength.

By today, Thursday, he had changed dramatically. He is able to walk, three legged, and can even get up by himself if he isn’t laying on his broken leg. We are going to get it wrapped to give it strength and hopefully heal it.

I called the Farm and told them that Jody would like little Sploge and they said okay. So today Jody and Don came over to collect him. They renamed him Arthur Godfrey. He is doing very well and with his leg wrapped, which Jody and Don will do, as they have the equipment and wanted to do it, he should be able to hobble well and heal up.


Jody, Don and Arthur


Notice that he is almost the same color as the blanket!

So, another one come and gone. This one is to a great home, where he will be the foundation of Jody’s colored fleece flock (someday), and where he will be spoiled. She is already talking (joking) about taking him to obedience classes.

Goodbye, Arthur – see you soon!


MarmiteToasty said...

oh my oh my, so adoreable, I WANT ONE lol....


happyowl said...

LOL, I love the look on Peanuts face! He is just too cute and Jody looks so happy!

Love ya


Michelle said...

Sooooooo cute!!!!!! Love the lambs ...