Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We didn’t get it!

The snow “promised” yesterday never came. It was terribly cold – the house was cold and *I* was cold but no new snow of any kind. The wind was awful, all day long. We also did not get the –15º last night – it “only” got to –10º and the wind has dropped to only 6 mph, so the wind chill is “only” –24º rather than the –40º that was predicted this morning.

Thank all the good gods for that!!!

I now have a picture of Little Shrek. He’s in an aquarium, and he is hibernating. Yes, he IS alive – when I went down to the basement to see him, Wayne moved the log and he wiggled. He has water and lots of shredded paper to cuddle in if he needs to. If he shows signs of waking up, we have mealworms for him to eat.


I also have a picture that my great-niece Binni took of Bailey. He is getting better. When I was over at Candy’s on Monday, he was walking much better – he limps, as the bandage restricts his movements, but he is getting better. He walked over to me and rubbed on my leg!! Candy is able to leave him out (he had been kept in the office with a baby-gate to keep the dogs from bothering him) as the dogs are treating him gently. So he can start wandering the house and can find his water and his litter box. His food, of course, has to be put up so the dogs don’t eat it, but when he shows desire for food, they put it down for him and stand guard.


On Monday, Candy and I found our exercise place and will start on Friday. It’s pretty much “on your own” but there is a physical therapist in the next room that will assist in setting up a program and helping if need be. Candy says we WILL go 3 times a week so I have started to set my mind to that.

Well, we have sunshine and it is SUPPOSED to warm up to a balmy 24º by Friday! WOW! You have a beautiful day.


Kati said...

Ooooh, Bailey has such a sweet face!!! Sending *snuggles & nuzzles* his way!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we can just reach out and stroke Bailey's fur with that photo - he is so sweet.

Good luck to you and Candy with your exercise program (regime?!)