Monday, January 14, 2008

Things are happening here!

It’s been cold and snowy, off and on, around here lately. This morning it was –4º F until the sun came up. Then it got up to about +6º during the day, with medium winds that made the wind chill about –10º. A “mild” day in Minnesota! And another sundog in the sky this morning!

Even a sundog in the middle of the day!

Because of the cold, Norm is doing inside work. He is working on a couple of shelves for my cookie sheets and muffin tins. I had been putting them in the area between the cupboards and the set of drawers that we got for storage and the microwave. I had requested, several months ago, that he make a shelf and a door to keep the dust and dirt out of the pans. This week, he started, and is nearly done – a door will be next.

Even though we have snow on the ground, I have flowers inside. My folks sent me flowers (thank you, Mom and Dad) and my Christmas cactus is blooming for the first time in two years!

Besides the fact that I have snow and cold, I have birds coming to the feeders. There are several Downy Woodpeckers, a few Hairy Woodpeckers, a couple of Redbreasted Woodpeckers and some Nuthatches. Then there are the “normal” birds – Juncos, Sparrows, Chickadees. I haven’t seen any Goldfinches, but the thistle is going down in the sock, so there must be some around.

The view out my window

It’s been a beautiful day today, even though it’s been cold. You have a beautiful day.

Winter sunset


happyowl said...

Once again beautiful pictures!!!! Your flowers that your parents sent are really pretty. My christmas cactus only blooms in july, it's a little confused and always has been....

Love ya and Brightest blessings


Cris said...

Beautiful, are those flowers imported? I can't imagine them growing there, hehe. I love the outdoors pictures that you've been posting showing the weather changes.