Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Personal things

I received a request from my children in Washington to put more personal information on my blog, as that is the main way they keep in touch with what is happening with Norm and I. I apologize in advance for anything that is boring to the rest of you! I really don’t like to put much of a really personal note on; my cousin once said she couldn’t “spill her guts” to the world like I do – and I hope I have never really “spilled my guts” to all of my millions of readers!

So, here goes – personal stuff: Before Christmas I had a heart stress test (a chemical one) and then about ten days ago I went to Sioux Falls for an angiogram. The results were that I have a small artery or something; the doctor didn’t talk to me, he talked to Norm, as I was still “under the influence” of the drug that was SUPPOSED to relax me but actually knocked me out. I will see him next month and get the “down and dirty” information. The doctor gave me a “beta blocker” of some sort that seems to be working. The pain in my chest has lessened to almost no pain at all. (And I kept thinking – and saying – that the pain was due to something wrong with my esophagus!)

I have started to change my eating habits and have started jumping on a mini-trampoline – a slow, joggy type of jump. Harder than walking, for sure! But it’s easier than bundling up in the cold (have I mentioned that it’s cold outside?) and walking for a mile or so.

So, is that too much personal stuff for you to handle? Sorry about that!

I got this lovely phone call from my son-in-law, Eric, yesterday morning. Seems the kids are worried about me and so they have made a deal with my sister, behind my back! They are paying for two months of exercise at an exercise place for both me and for Candy!! They don’t think (rightfully so) that I would go by myself, so they are willing to pay for Candy, as they know she will drag me to exercise. Thanks, kids – that’s one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) things that has been done for me!

christmas 078.jpg

Jill and Eric
So Candy and I are going to one center today and the other one tomorrow and will make a choice as to which one we prefer. (Thanks, again, kids! I will let you know which one we chose.)

On another note, I am listening to Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky. I love the music, but am always reminded of my “baby” when I hear it. Jill used to play flute and piccolo in the Minnesota Youth Symphonies when in high school. The Romeo and Juliet piece was being practiced for their concert: Jill was playing piccolo that was only played during the finale. Jill would sit and watch the music and wait for her turn to play. Now, if you are familiar with R&J, you will know that there is quiet, calm music during some of the piece. Jill would get sleepy and almost doze off, in a hypnotic sort of way. Then, towards the end, the timpani (kettle drums) would burst into loud beating. Jill sat just in front of them, and if she were dozing enough, it would make her jump and drop her piccolo! My favorite place to watch the rehearsals was where I could see everyone but mostly Jill. During the concert, I had saved a place in the balcony. Sure enough, I could see Jill sitting like she was dozing – however, because it was the concert, she was actually following the music and when the timpani hit, she didn’t jump! Just got ready to play! Now, I think of this every time I listen to R&J and remember. Jill was a wonderful flutist; I wish she had time to join an organization out there in Washington so she could begin playing again.

It’s still cold, but slowly warming. The coldest last night was “only” minus seven. Today it’s moving to plus eight degrees, possibly. It’s very sunny and only slightly windy. The birds are frantic to catch up with their feeding since they didn’t feed much yesterday in the new snow (only two inches). It’s a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!

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