Saturday, January 26, 2008

It’s amazing!

The temperature here in Brookings is +8º at 8:00 am!!! It went from –5º to +20º yesterday!! It’s absolutely balmy!

Brookings is very nice. We have a lovely motel that is very inexpensive, yet has high-speed internet, a microwave AND a little fridge! All the conveniences of home!

We stopped at the store and got microwave breakfasts yesterday for today and tomorrow. Not fantastic (don’t know HOW people LIVE on these things!) but edible and food and cheaper than stopping somewhere for a ‘real’ breakfast. We’ve been picking up deli food at the local Hi Vee and warming it up in the microwave for supper.

Yesterday was the education day and many, many children came to see all the demonstrations and learn about history first hand. We have Abraham Lincoln, who talks about his childhood and presidency. We have Ole’ the Norwegian who talks about moving from Norway to Minnesota. We have jewelry makers, candle makers, a chuck wagon and a family of cowboys. We have a blacksmith (friend Wally) and a canoe builder. Of course, there is Norm with his spoons and me with my spinning and weaving. We also have Marie and Kelly from the Natural Colored Wool Studio demonstrating spinning and weaving, too, in another room. Next to me was a Renaissance era woman preserving food. Across was a laundress and next to her was a fur trader. In one room was a voyageur with his canoe and many supplies.

I took some pictures (but left the camera at the center, sorry). I will take more pictures today and get them on the blog tonight or tomorrow night.

Today and tomorrow are the fun days – just demonstrating to the general public. We can wander more and talk to our friends because none of us will be on a schedule of school groups.
And now, I have to get my costume on, my hair in a bun and Peanut ready to go. It will be a beautiful day – supposed to get nearly 30º today! You have a beautiful day!

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