Saturday, January 05, 2008

I love Saturdays!

I believe I’ve said this before. But winter Saturdays are the best days! A (hopefully) good opera playing in the afternoon and Prairie Home Companion in the evening. I am not a fan of all operas, but there are some that are awesome and there are some that make good background music. Today’s was Verdi’s “Masked Ball” with some lovely music!

Today is no exception to a good Saturday. I am recovering from a bad cold so am taking it easier than normal – not that I get too excited about anything physical, anyway! I have been working on a newsletter, washing a few dishes, napping with Peanut on my lap and cleaning (no, really!) a pile of old papers off parts of the stairs that do double duty as junk receptacles and stairs to the studio and bedroom. Luckily they are wide so our walking doesn’t interfere with my stuff.

Tonight will be a beef soup with egg dumplings (small to make Norm happy). Joy has been nagging (oh, encouraging!) me to eat more healthily. She even put her foot down (from two hundred miles away!) and said I WOULD drink six glasses of water a day. But (ha, ha, Joy!) I discovered that my goblet I drink from is actually sixteen – count them - ounces, so I only need to drink three glasses, right?? Niece Cookie said I couldn’t count Dr. Pepper, though (sigh). However, I did have six glasses of water yesterday (sixteen ounces) and have had at least four already today. Seems like Joy has been trying to rule my life since she was born, but I have been fighting every step of the way! What can she do? Take my grandgirls away from me? WAIT … take that back – I’ll do it, Joy!

Norm found fresh possum tracks around the barn, but no one got in. However, this is now a warning to all possums … stay away from my chickens and eggs or YOU might be the next dinner!

Norm also brought in twenty five-gallon buckets of corn for the stove. I wonder what’s going to happen when he can’t do that any more? Hopefully that won’t happen for a very long, long time.

The combination of the corn stove and new “fireplace” (AKA electric heater) seem to be working – we haven’t had to use the propane furnace much at all, which is saving big bucks. We figured that the amazing electric heater is using only twenty dollars more than the normal electric, but probably saving at least one hundred dollars in propane – if not more. We will no more accurately at the next filling of the propane tank.

The weather got up to almost forty degrees today and we lost a lot of snow. But hope runs eternal – we are supposed to have more snow on Monday or Tuesday. It was a beautiful day today. You have a beautiful day.

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I love Saturdays also, I always say that I am going to sleep in and I do, I sleep til 6 or so :). I love bake and listen to my favorite radio show, The Kim Komando Computer call in show. Saturdays rule!