Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It’s been a beautifully cold week, so far – we have temperatures that are “only” four degrees (right now), going up to about ten or fifteen, but we have bitter winds that make it much colder. But it’s been beautiful, none-the-less.

Joy and family came down with the snowmobile to play in the snow. Despite colds and coughs and all kinds of sicknesses passed around between the six of us, we have managed to have fun. We chose to eliminate the other family members who are healthy as to not spread the diseases any further.

The girls missed their cousin, Binni, and Joy missed her cousin, Cookie, while I missed them all and we all missed Candy and Wayne. But we will get together another time when the health is better among us.

Joy dragged me outside to ride on a snowmobile (my second in my life – the first was a five minute demonstration in a parking lot about forty years ago when someone was trying to sell us one). She took me out into the west pasture along Ken’s racetrack, but then took me out into the bean field south of us. She went faster and faster and faster, revving up to about seventy miles an hour before I pounded her back to slow her down. Now, she CLAIMS that she was only going ten miles an hour, but – as I’ve said before – I no longer trust my daughters; she was lying through her frozen teeth!

Even with the cold, everyone else (except Norm, who declined) went snowmobile-ing around the house; Ken took the machine over to get gas, nine miles away, then putzed around here a lot.

Last night was quiet, with a movie – Court Jester, with Danny Kaye – and finger foods for supper. A bonfire at ten, which I chose to not participate in – I, went to bed! At midnight, the girls tiptoed in to give me new year’s kisses before going to bed themselves.

Today is sunny but breezy – the snow is blowing around a lot. Norm has taken the girls over the retreat farm he works at part time, to help feed the animals. Ken is playing with the snowmobile and Joy is spinning yarn on her drop spindle. She got roving from Candy to add to her stash and is enjoying spinning. The wind-chill is “only” seventeen below zero but it IS cold out! I declined another ride on the snowmobile and will stay inside today to pamper my cough.

I have some pictures of our snowy spot. As I said, it’s a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!

Have I mentioned that I like frost?

Unloading the snowmobile

Bailing twine - frosty!!

Cold enough?

Spook is praying for a bird to land

Ready for the cold

Joy and Jessica

My Christmas socks keep me warm

Ashley is ready for her ride

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Cris said...

What great pictures to start off the year! Beautiful!!! The snowflakes are wonderful, and I am here melting, close to 100F....