Saturday, December 08, 2007


A million years ago, when I was a little girl, we lived in Japan for three years – my dad was in the Air Force and we traveled with him all over.

Part of being in Japan was the food. We American children didn’t have much adventure when it came to food. My mother invented an American version of a Japanese dish.

The Japanese version had vegetables and meats that we were not used to and also had soy sauce, of which we had not acquired a taste. Mom’s version is rice, bacon and ketchup (that’s right, ketchup!). Very simple, very easy on young palettes and very good. As we grew, some of us were able to add soy sauce instead of extra ketchup, but not all. At least, not me!

While home helping the folks move, all three of us “children” requested Yakameshi (not to be confused with “Yakamushi” which – we have been told – means “please be quiet” in Japanese) instead of spaghetti. When I mentioned to Norm that we had it for supper, he pouted – he hadn’t had it for a loooooooong time!

So tonight, on a snowy, cold night, I made it for him. And the reciepe is very simple. Boil as much rice as you want; fry as much bacon as you want, cut into small bits. Drain the rice, add to the bacon and a little bit of oil if the bacon is not greasy – drain the grease if the bacon is too greasy. Fry with a little bit of ketchup mixed in. Serve hot with soy sauce and / or more ketchup. Voila! A simple, filling meal!

Not all will like it, I’m sure. When I was working during a summer between college years, I served it to my roommates; they decided then and there that we three girls would fix our own meals! Fine with me! More for me and they had to fix something themselves!

It was a beautiful, cloudy, cold day today. You have a beautiful day!


Manerva@12happychickens said...

Thank you Connie! I'm going to try it tonight. Sounds good to me!

Stephanie said...

yeah that sounds really gross LOL! I am thinking I'd like the Japanese version better?! he he, but kudos to your mom for thinking of an americanized version for you kids, how nice of her.

Sonia said...

Hummm! My husband will love it! Thanks for the recipe!

Cris said...

This sounds yummy Connie! What an adventure it must have been to live there with the family, I would love to go to Japan one day.