Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thanks are in order!

This past week, things have been coming to me and I need to mention a public thank you for everything.

While in South Dakota, Candy and I bought no food or meals. Either my folks or my brother paid for all that we ate or made what we ate.

Well, except one exception! Mom wanted me to make Steak Dianne and so I did that, feeling grateful that I had made it at home just recently so I remembered the recipe!

The morning that we left, Charles took us to breakfast at our favorite restaurant, insisting that we have a good meal to start the trip with. Then gave us money to stop for lunch, so that we would stop and REST as well as eat.

Because we couldn’t eat with ALL the money, Candy and I decided to see if we could find something to remember the trip by and use Charles’ left-over money to buy them. That’s when I found my sweet Santa that I couldn’t resist!

Dad gave us money to help pay the gas – that was really great, as the gas prices – as you all know – made the trip pretty expensive!!

Thank you, folks, and thank you, Charles!

Another thank you goes to my children in Washington. Eric and Jill got me extra memory for my computer, which was placed in it just this past week. They were disappointed, as I had already put extra memory in it this summer, but had not mentioned it. Eric said “You tell EVERYTHING in your blog and you didn’t mention THIS??” However, with Eric’s suggestions and wheeling and dealing with my local guru, Vern, I ended up with one and a half gig of memory!!! What a rush of pleasure each time I bring up a slow program!! Even the fast ones come up faster. And I don’t get screen locks anymore, either! Thank you, again, kids!!! It really is GREAT!!

And one last thank you! I got a BIG package from Canada yesterday with Christmas gifts from Happy Owl and Moonbeam!! Not only for me, but also for Norm AND the grandgirls!! Books and a painting by Happy Owl’s young daughter – her children have adopted me as a Grandma!

Here is a picture of what Moonbeam gave me, with a short explanation! Some call me “Spider Woman” because I am a spinner and a weaver – so she found this breathtakingly beautiful pin – I am going to wear it on my winter coat, Moonbeam, thank you!

The spider has a garnet head - my birth stone!

Such great gifts I have received in the past few weeks make me feel humble and grateful. Thank you, everyone.

And thank you, all, for being my friends; thank you for joining me in my travels through life. I enjoy all of you! Have a beautiful, grateful day.

And the sweet little teapot I got while home~


Moonbeam said...

All your blessings this week are a reward for all that you give. It truly is better to give than receive but then it is nice when your giving is appreciated and recognized.
Thank you for all the encouragement you give!

Cris said...

Doesn't it feel good to feel you are loved? You are a sweetie Connie.

Stephanie said...

Oh.. what beautiful gifts. I am glad you got to have such a WONDERFUL trip! I am sure it will leave lasting memories!

Candy Duell said...

What a great few weeks you have had, your pin is beautiful. I also LOVE your Santa. Enjoy!