Saturday, December 01, 2007

Still around!

Sister Candy and I are in South Dakota, getting our folks ready to move. Brother Charles came from Oklahoma to help. We three are staying at a motel (on a weekly rate – more of that another time!) so that the folks don’t have to worry about empty beds at night. In fact, last night, I helped Mom clean HER bed off so SHE would have room to sleep!

The folks have lived in their house for at least forty years, so it’s emotional as well as difficult to get everything packed. Fortunately, the folks are not going to sell the house for a few months, at least, so everything does not have to be out this weekend! The plan, so far, is to put what is necessary into the apartment and the rest that they want to keep into storage and then sell / give away the rest. We three “children” have been loading boxes and bags of little things that are offered that are special to us.

And, no, the folks (both are eighty-seven!) are not going into a senior home. They are moving into a three-bedroom apartment in a “normal” apartment building … a very nice one, but there are also families and people of all ages living there. Dad says he’s not “old enough” for a senior home! The apartment building has an elevator, so we don’t have to worry about stairs for them any more – or for US. Getting up the stairs in a split-level house is not pleasant to any of us anymore!

We will be here until Wednesday, and then head home. This morning, we are watching the Weather Channel. There is snow or threatening snow so many places! At home, Norm and Wayne are looking at a bunch of snow and starting to think about shoveling. Both have tractors, so will use them to plow out the roads when the roads get a little deeper. Here, we are waiting for snow to come – it would be convenient for us to NOT have it.

Today we get the key to the apartment and will start moving boxes over. The movers come on Monday to move furniture and big things.

So, happy December, and keep your feet dry in this snow! It will be a beautiful day; you have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

I am very glad you are fine, and updated your blog. Unlike me, your very good about updating your blog, and when you did not update it for a week, I worried!

Kati said...

Connie, I hope the moving finishes up cleanly for y'all so that your parents can move into their new place with little left to worry about. Glad to hear that the new apartment complex has an elevator to make it easier on y'all.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful post about your parents, it is great that he thinks he is too young for senior housing :). Good luck to them in their new home!