Friday, December 28, 2007

Quiet days

It’s been nice and peaceful here since we returned. I have been enjoying looking at the snow, watching the birds and reading, for the most part. Although napping has a place in the hectic schedule as well.

The chickens are doing well, tucked in their house and only going out on sunny, warm days. We are getting about ten eggs a day, except for that one day when we got three!

But that was the night that Norm locked up only to find a possum in a nest box, feasting on OUR eggs! Don’t worry, the possum got a lesson he / she will never forget and he / she will not be eating eggs again, ever!

I am cleaning off my hard drive, moving all of my 2007 files onto my external hard drive for storage. This is taking longer than I had anticipated, as I also want to clean my external hard drive up of extraneous files.

I am also doing more reading – I got a lovely book from Happy Owl for Christmas (thank you, again, Happy Owl!) but have also purchased some “new” books from E-Bay and I have spent a whole $25 on a BUNCH of books! I saw Agatha Christie’s “Man in the Brown Suit” and had to have it, since I couldn’t find the TV movie anywhere to watch. The TV movie, of course, is a bit different from the book, but I have put the TV faces on the characters in the book and am enjoying it thoroughly. I also purchased five (count them, five!) “Dragons of Pern” paperbacks. I have read several of them, but some are new to me – very exciting! The only one I have is the one about the young boy singer (can’t remember the name right now, and it’s tucked in the Buick that Joy is borrowing), so this addition to my library is very exiting. I am also reading the “Guide to Pern” – a gift from Moonbeam (again, thank you!).

I also purchased the series of three books of “The Golden Compass.” I have heard pros and cons about the books and movie and decided I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was all about. As purchasing books is easier than going to the local library, and because I enjoy OWNING books, I looked for the book and found the series for an extremely low price. I am anxious to start the series but am in the midst of three books so have decided to leave the Golden series for later on.

Our new heater is doing the job that it was planned for. Because we have been having such mild temperatures – hanging around the twenties most of the time - we are comfortable with the corn stove simmering in the basement and the heater in the kitchen. We have not used the propane furncace but once since we purchased the stove (except for when we were at Joy’s and turned the corn stove off and set the furnace for about sixty degrees.). Nice!!

We have about six to eight inches of new snow and it’s lightly snowing right now. Peanut will not go out to the barn with me because of the depth of snow, even though Norm used the snow blower to break a path. She goes out only to do her business and comes directly in!

We went to town last night to help Candy and Wayne celebrate their twenty-seventh anniversary. Have I told you anything about my brother-in-law, Wayne? He is one of the dearest of all the people I know. He is not only a brother-in-law, he is a BROTHER and a very good friend. We have a lot of laughs and a lot of fun together. I remember the time, way WAY back in time when we were younger … Wayne told me that I reminded him of a cow. Now, that might be an insult to most, but cows are some of my favorite animals, so I wasn’t. But someone else said “That’s awful, Wayne!” and he then said he meant that my eyes reminded me of a cow’s eyes – brown and big!! I remind him of that, often – that I remind him of a cow – and he denies he ever said it! Be that as it may, I love Wayne and enjoy having him as a neighbor and helper to Norm as well as a source of constant entertainment!

I am enjoying the “New World Symphony” on the radio; the sun is not shining but the wind is not blowing – a fantastic hardly-ever-happens event! It is a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

Enjoy all your new books, Connie!!!! My dad gave me a $50 GC to B&N bookstore, which I went & spent today. I got the Llewellyn's 2008 Magical Almanac, and _Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch_ by Lora O'Brien, as well as 2 new cds. *grin* Loving my new goodies!!!!

I hope you enjoy your new books as well. I'm guessing the young male harper book is probably "Dragondrums". That's about Piemur, the only young male harper featured in a book all his own, that I can think of. Well, unless it's _Masterharper of Pern_ which is about Robinton. But, I'm guessing you're refering to "Dragondrums". Anyway, enjoy the reading of your new goodies!!!!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What could be better than watching it snow while watching birds and reading? Except maybe to throw in a bit of crafting. :)

Let me know what you think of the Golden Compass series, I have been curious. I just finished a book I really enjoyed, titled Garden Spells.