Monday, December 03, 2007


Can you tell I’m Minnesotan? Yesterday was a massively hectic day! The movers come today so we had to get everything (EVERY THING) emptied, on top of and inside of, for them. I crawled under desks (I don’t get paid enough for that!) and disconnected wires for the computers. The worst part was that Candy would not bring me a pillow so I could take a nap! No, really, the worst part was wondering if I could get up again!

So, now the computers are disconnected and ready for the movers, the TVs and stereos and everything electronic are disconnected but my body was screaming by the time I was done!

We took several loads of boxes to the apartment, went shopping for new bathroom shower curtains and stuff. Then went to the apartment with another load of boxes and the stuff from K-Mart (and yes, we did get something of Martha Stewart – we couldn’t avoid her completely) and met my friend Nancy. She brought a thermos of hot water, tea bags and “crumpets” to celebrate.

Pizza for supper and then “home” to the motel to fall into bed.

Today should be easier – we will watch the movers move and then unpack boxes at the apartment. I am going to stay at the house and put silverware and fridge things into boxes and wait for my sister-in-law-in-law. Mavis is married to Norm’s brother, Darrell, and they live on the home ranch. She is my oldest (in terms of time known) friend – Nancy is my second oldest. She and Darrell are coming into town for errands and appointments, so they are picking me up for lunch and then D is dropping us off at the apartment to visit and tour while he goes to an appointment.

So, before Candy drags me off the computer to go get McDonald’s for breakfast, I will post this and give you two pictures.

It will be a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!

Out with the old

In with the new

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