Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How dry I am!

One of the most severe problems I have been having (besides total exhaustion and aching body) is the dryness. My lips are parched and cracked and this is something I am NOT used to! South Dakota is much, much drier than Minnesota, even with a skiff of snow on the ground – which will be all gone today, as it is already forty-eight degrees out!

The weather this morning quotes a humidity of fifty-four percent for South Dakota and eighty-three percent for home!! I am drinking more water than normal because I am trying to get these lips from feeling so awful! It’s something I ain’t used to, folks! It’s been eighteen years since I lived here, and I haven’t been here for such a long stretch of time since we moved.

On a better note, we tucked the folks into their new home last night. The computers are up and running – will have Internet on Wednesday – the TVs are hooked up and waiting for cable as well. Thank you, Charles, for crawling under Dad’s desk! I had done Mom’s; she offered me a pillow for a nap but Candy, again, refused! By the time I had finished her hookups, Charles was under there saying “now what do I hook up and where?” So easy to sit and hand cords and talk him through it!

We had supper at our favorite restaurant, and then Candy and I both bought teapots. You see, they served my tea in an adorable two-cup pot and I threatened to steal it, so the waitress said that they SOLD them at their little gift shop up by the checkout. We were both going to get green (my dad is totally stunned that we both like green) but she found a sweet yellow, so got that one instead.

Today is a slower day with unpacking and possibly carrying clothes over from the closets. Then tomorrow we are heading home. We are watching the weather and praying that the “light snow” predicted for the stretch across the state will remain “light.”

We have been watching the weather and sympathizing with those that are really suffering from the storms. Jill and Eric, it looks like your creeks and rivers are flooding again – I hope you aren’t having problems driving around! Those of you without electricity (who can’t read this right now), I hope it comes back on. That is one thing that drives me crazy (not a long drive, Norm says) is the total dependence on electricity in this country. But that’s another story, another post!
It will be a beautiful day; you have a beautiful day!

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glenda said...

What is the favorite restaurant you are talking about? The teapots sound very cute!

Yr loving niece,