Thursday, December 06, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggety jog!

Candy and I got home last night about suppertime. We had a pleasant but loooooooong trip home. We were (are, still) both so tired that it seemed longer than normal. We did stop for a nice leisurely lunch, thanks to Charles insisting (and paying for it), which helped the energy levels a lot! Thank you, Charles! We managed to spend some time in the gift shop. Candy usually gets a cat for each one of her trips but this time found a “happiness” statuette. I found a wonderful Santa (on sale, even) that I couldn’t resist! I have been trying to not get cute things because I have a lack of space to put them but he was irresistible!

Today is going to be a DO-NOTHING day! My knight in shining armor has been doing chores, feeding the birds and bringing in some of the stuff from the pickup. Candy and I will divide the things we got from the folks on a warmer day, when we have more energy. It’s 25º out, not a bad temperature, but the wind chill is +12º, which makes me want to stay inside. Peanut is curled up in our chair, waiting for me to sit down and cuddle some more.

Knight in shining (warm) armor

I have been trying to take pictures of the sweet birds outside the window; I have been trying to take some pictures of Juncos but have not had much luck. Today is better! I got a Goldfinch (Norm’s “Olive Finch”) and a Junco.



The temperature differences from there to here are unreal! Tuesday, it was so hot in the new apartment that we turned off the heat and turned on ceiling fans (big south windows help heat the apartment). Here it is freezing, blowing, threatening snow and overcast!! I’m about to go back down to the family room where the corn stove is keeping the area very toasty warm; I can turn on a movie and take a nap!!

On the deck in the lovely sunshine

But cold weather aside, it’s good to be home and it’s a beautiful day! You have a beautiful day!


Sonia said...

Brrrr! Looks it is very cold!

Have a nice weekend, Connie!

Cris said...

It does look cold there... wow! Welcome home Connie!