Friday, December 14, 2007

Don’t you just love technology?

Now, I am one of the first to admit that I love my computer, I love watching TV and I love watching movies on DVD or VCR machines!

But the plans that are in place for modernizing is ridiculous, in my mind! The fact that digital is taking over the world is driving me crazy (crazier)!! Because the media world is going digital, our faithful ten year old TV will not work in another year or so! None of you with “normal” “old” TVs will work unless you buy a converter or bite the bullet and buy a new, expensive High-Definition TV!

I don’t get it! I have watched the news (just about the only HD program in Minnesota, right now – I think) at my daughter’s house. They have an HD TV and I have not noticed any difference – at least not enough to say – “Hey, that’s great!” In fact, Norm had to remind me that their new BIG, PLASMA TV is High Definition and that I HAD watched HD news without knowing it. What’s the big deal?

And also, the media is going to go to cable or satellite only in a few years – no more local channels with rabbit ears! We are moving to Pay TV!

Now, I know that England (and perhaps other countries) have Pay TV but I object, strongly! It won’t affect me, because we need satellite to get any kind of reception here in the country (too many trees and too far from towers), but what about people who are on very limited incomes? They will now have to pinch and scrimp to find the money to go cable or satellite! Just ain’t fair!!

Now, I don’t subscribe to the theory that there should be no developments and inventions and improvements to the media system. My objection is that we are being FORCED to comply. Why can’t the old work on the new? Why don’t they figure a way to have the old work with the new without forcing people to upgrade? Those who are strapped for money don’t need something ELSE to have to buy!

And, to top it all, I just heard yesterday that my Public Radio station is going digital soon, too! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! Does this mean I will have to get a new radio? My radio is about 15 years old and works just FINE!!!!

T’aint fair!!!

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