Friday, November 09, 2007

Once upon a time ….

There was a family who had a cabin in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This cabin was deep in the forest with no electricity or modern conveniences, which was just like this family wanted. Many vacations and weekends were spent in happy simplicity, with a wood stove for cooking, a fireplace for heat and an icebox for cooling food.

This cabin was built in the area that Custer traveled when he went through the Black Hills on his expedition of 1874. This was the time that gold was found in the Black Hills which caused the illegal rush into the Hills only a little while later. The cabin is in a rather large valley with hills all around it and a creek running right by its side. It was built in about 1888, as far as the family could tell.

The men in the family would go out during hunting season for a weekend or two; several of the family, with children of their own, would go out for winter vacations – even one Thanksgiving was held there. Summer was the time to spend a week or two in the peaceful setting, watching deer, woodchucks and birds come into the “yard.”

As time past, there was less and less time to visit, stay and play there. Then the cabin was sold. Many hearts were broken, but the family had scattered and no one had time to visit this lovely cabin in the Hills.

Before it was sold, the icebox was taken out, given to a restorer for work and put in the parents’ household to be admired. “Baby Sister” had admired and loved this icebox from the first day it was put in the cabin. It had been “given” to her in the understanding that it would stay in the parents’ house until they no longer needed it.

And now … the parents are moving to an apartment and the icebox has come “home” to “Baby Sister.”

The logistics of moving this huge box has been putting sweat on the brows of the manly men who would be responsible for getting it from one house to another. Several strong young men were hired to put it into “Baby Sister’s” van. Then it was driven (van springs low to the ground and groaning with pain) to the new home.

Then it was put on a trailer and pulled by tractor to the front door of the house. Ramps were put in place and it was rolled into the house. “Baby Sister’s” husband had put new rollers on the bottom – the old, original ones had been pressed flat with the weight of the icebox – so that once on the floor, it rolled beautifully in place.

As we “speak,” the icebox now has its doors on and I will get a picture of that soon to show you. And “Baby Sister” is pleased as punch. “Oldest Sister” is pleased, too. It’s a lovely piece of furniture, a wonderful memento of the past and a great gift from the parents.

It’s a beautifully crisp, sunny day today. You have a beautiful day.


Cris said...

Wishing you a great weekend! Wow, had never seen an icebox before, nice!

Missy the Garden Freak said...

wow - great story.. and love the icebox... didn't know what one was before i read this post... keep up the great job on your blog... it's great fun to read and i love learning about the spinning etc. that you do... VERY different and VERY interesting... great fun to read!

Anonymous said...

I lOVE your icebox Connie. And the cabin...a dream place. Beautiful!


Kati said...

That does look like a beautiful piece of furniture. Will it actually be used by an icebox by your little sister??? Or as a more conventional cabinet???? And that cabin looks so rustic & "ghost-town"ish. *grin* It was a great read! Thanks for sharing with us Connie!

Grandma Rosie said...

Wonderful story...and what a treasure!