Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is your Thanksgiving over?

We had two, thank you very much! And, since I don’t over eat like some I won’t mention (but he always complains that he’s not hungry for several days, not that I want to name names!), I don’t mind several thanksgivings if the food is “right.”

I love turkey but I love the extras, as well: mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing (dressing), scalloped corn, fruit salad. As well as soft white rolls! Ymmmmmmmmm!

But, I usually only have a little bit of each (not that I’m bragging – I do get pretty full) so that I can taste everything. I am not on a diet so that I eat less but I remember how I feel when I over-eat and I don’t like the feeling and can’t eat a little bit of everything!!

Well, as I said, we had two – but Norm and I bought a turkey so that I can have another turkey dinner, just the two of us, later on this month. Of course, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, but our goose has nothing to worry about – we usually have ham or turkey, so I can enjoy another great holiday meal, with all the accessories that are required.

In MY family, I have two girls that insist on the essentials. Scalloped corn and fruit salad are my “forte” – if I don’t make them, both Joy and Jill fuss. This year they chose to have “snicker salad” instead but I know that deep in their hearts they really wanted fruit – especially Jill! And I did, too.

We had a small dinner at Candy’s with only six of us there. The turkey was not humongous but it was big enough. Wondrously soft, moist, tender dressing, good mashed potatoes and great gravy. But no scalloped corn or fruit salad, so I’m going to have to make those for myself someday.

While there, I watched the dogs watching the kitchen help. Candy’s kitchen is small enough that several of us simply set the table and watched. Candy, Wayne and Brook have cooked together long enough so that their movements are like a waltz as they slide around each other.

Please, Mommy, we want some, too!

A beautiful table in a beautiful house

I finally got a picture of Candy’s icebox. Now, as most of you know, electricity is not that old, in the history of time. Before electricity, to have cool food, you needed ice. The ice was cut out of frozen lakes in the winter and stored in icehouses under sawdust until needed. The iceman brought ice to the house and placed it in the icebox.

The icebox is lined with zinc to keep the wood from getting wet and had a hole in the bottom for the thawed water to drip. Some people had a hose running outside, others had a pan to catch the water.

Our icebox has several doors and several different sections to keep food cool or colder, depending on how close to the ice. It has been restored to a lovely finish and makes a wonderful piece of furniture. There are not many left around in the country, considering how many there used to be – every family had one! So we feel that ours is a treasure and I enjoy looking at it when I go to Candy’s and she enjoys having it!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

This next week, Candy and I are going to our hometown to help our folks move from their home of 40+ years into an apartment. Our brother is coming from Oklahoma to help, as well. It should be a fun time, as well as a working holiday.

It is a beautiful sunny day today, even though it’s windy! You have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

Ooooh, sounds like a lovely time was had at Candy's house. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feasts without hurting yourself. *grin* I hurt myself, and as soon as the pain wore off, I hurt myself again. *wink*

Thanks for sharing the pic of the ice-box all finished!!!

Stephanie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful and quiet thanksgiving! We did too!

Thank you for stopping by, yes, I am the one fortunate enough to get Quiet Storm!

Happy Holidays and please feel free to keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
When you get back , will you write some stuff about that GORGEOUS blonde dog, centre of the three dog's picture? I can't remember seeing him/her in your blog before!