Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Early Thanksgiving

Youngest daughter, Jill, and husband, Eric, now live in near Seattle and do not come home as often as I would like. This year they took a week off for Thanksgiving but have to visit Eric’s folks. Now, I don’t care for this arrangement – I feel they should spend ALL their time with US, but for some reason they insist that his family is important, too! So I allow them to break their vacations up (do I really have a choice, Eric?); this is what they did this time.

So we had our “thanksgiving” this Saturday – and a great time it was, too. Niece Cookie came with grandniece Binni – they followed us from Sister’s house all the way here. It was great to have them here, too. The girls (the three “B’s” – Binni, Bitty and Bubba) had a great time together – they slept all together in the same room (when they DID sleep!) and played hard the whole time.

All the girls requested that I use their nicknames for my blog, from now on, so that is what I promised I would do. They enjoy seeing their pictures on my blog and enjoy reading about themselves. These are three little girls that have no embarrassment about seeing their own pictures or reading about themselves. They are being raised to be proud of themselves! Good going, Moms … you are doing a great job!

Joy and Jill and Cookie spent a lot of time together, too. They grew up together back home but Cookie hasn’t been around my two girls other much as adults. It was great to see them together again, reminiscing about “old” times and watching the three “Bs” playing.

After a huge meal, we had our early Christmas – at least the gift giving. Eric and Jill will not be here for Christmas (sigh) so we had gifts for them and they had gifts for us. I also got a few small gifts for Ken and Joy and the girls so they wouldn’t feel left out. E&J also got lovely gifts for Cookie and Binni.

After presents, it was bedtime for the three little ones and the rest of us sat and played cards and drank apple brandy that I had made.

Sunday was a “take it easy” day. Joy and Bitty went to church but the others stayed home, as we had been to church on Friday. (Joy had to count money that day and Bitty was going to help in Sunday School).

We played and / or watched people play Eric’s new game – a WII (“wee?”). I have seen ads for this game but it always seemed to be a dumb idea. However, some of the games (sports, in particular) are pretty good. The remotes are very sensitive to movements so whatever the hands do, the hands on the screen do as well. The gang talked me into playing bowling and tennis and forced me to do a boxing round. The boxing is HARD. The movements have to be strong; you can’t just poke lightly. So you get a real workout!

Cookie and Binni headed home as Binni needed to be in school on Monday. The rest of us watched (or slept through) football and more WII games.

Sunday night was another card game that ended in the wee hours of the morning.

Monday was head home day for Norm and I. We left after noon, stopped at a Menards to get some siding for the kitchen wall and got home close to suppertime. Blessed husband stopped at our little café in our little (379 population) town for supper. This café is small and the prices are inexpensive but the food is GOOD and the service is marvelous! I cannot tell you the name of the town OR the café (either one would give the location away) as I do not want more people swamping the place – it’s busy enough as it is!

Home to unpack and put seafood in the freezer. E&J brought salmon for Norm, scallops and crab cakes for me, crab legs for Joy and I to share, shrimp for Joy and Ken. Such thoughtful children I have!

So now it’s laundry, unpacking, and planning for the next few days. Tonight is the last spinning class (I have had four instead of two – the girls wanted more classes); tomorrow is a visit to the heart doctor and a stress test. Dr. O wanted me to have a test after my last bee-sting episode. I told everyone that the stress is over, but I guess the plan is to see if my heart HAD been stressed enough to cause damage. I doubt it – in fact I KNOW it has not, but I will make Dr. O happy. I don’t like the look on her face if I don’t do what she asks!

It is a mild day with little wind – not much sun but NO WIND makes up for everything! You have a beautiful day!

Getting the turkey ready (Joy's father-in-law, Bill, is helping)

Kid's table is set (Mom, notice the dishes?)

"Heart and Soul" played by a trio

A vicious dog attacking -- his stuffed moose puppet

The moose puppet really had trouble staying alive!

Remy is really a sweet dog


The game is awesome on the big screen TV

Jill and Cookie boxing it out
Eric entertaining us
The first snow that actually was enough for snowballs
A foggy drive home


Jan said...

Nice post. I so much enjoy hearing about the things you are doing.

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