Sunday, November 11, 2007

And what have you been doing this week?

Let’s see – I think I’ve been busy but I’m not sure at what at.

Monday I had to go to town for errands and deliver some eggs to my best customer. He would take two or three dozen eggs a week if I had them!

I also discovered that my camera was not flashing at all! I called the company (I have a lovely little Canon Powershot A540) and the magic man on the phone told me to set my settings back to default and it should work, which it did! But the lens cover doesn’t always open – in fact rarely opens and I have to manually “pop” it open, so he offered me a refurbished, updated camera for only about $120 (of course plus tax and shipping), so I declined. I can get by with “popping” the lens cover!

Tuesday night was Spinning Class. I had done two classes in October and the girls requested two more classes. Norm had the same happen to him with his Spooncarving class so we could both go in with no one sitting on the sidelines being bored. Candy went with us; we went over and collected her and the spinning wheel and then headed to town. It was late that night for us as it takes quite a while to put everything back in the van, take Candy home, drop her and her wheel off and then come back here.

Wednesday – where does the time go? Don’t know WHAT I did that day except stay home and do something! I am organizing and planning and working on Christmas gifts. This next week will be an early Christmas and an early Thanksgiving. Jill and Eric are coming from Washington for Thanksgiving but cannot be home for Christmas (sigh – first Christmas without my baby!!) so we are having both holidays together. I would tell you what I’m making but I have two children who read my blog!! I did manage to find some time to sit and watch the birds – it’s amazing the ones that I see, now.

Wednesday was very windy, however … VERY windy. I have a wooden bird feeder hanging on a “shepherd’s crook” hanger and the wind blew it clear to the ground – the hanger was laying on the ground as well as the feeder! The birds fought the wind but managed to find the seed that had blown out of the feeder and be on the ground.

We had supper at Candy’s Wednesday night. Now that fall is really in session, we have re-started our weekly get-together. Wayne and Norm play cribbage and Candy and I do crafty things.

Off and on during the week I was going out to help Norm at the barn. He has really done a fantastic job. This “barn” was originally designated a “tear-down” building because it looked in such bad shape. Norm felt it would be better if we bulldozed it to the ground and burned it. But I discovered that we had working electricity and working, running water so decided our chickens would be housed there until we figured out what we wanted for a chicken house. We cleaned it out, divided it, put in nest boxes and moved the hens back and forth from one section to another until we found what we wanted.

This summer, Norm started tearing down the east one-third of the building; this had been an addition that was put on very poorly and was falling down.

Tearing down the east end

This past week, Norm started on the south side. This has been the worst side, since the wind is predominantly from the south in the winter in this area (go figure!). He tore down nearly the whole side then put plywood up. This next spring, he promises, he will put new siding on it.

The wall is coming down, but you can see the light going through what siding is still there

Most of the wall is now down

New wall is almost up

From the door over (to the right), the plywood is up and waiting for caulking and siding

"Baby" pen is cleaned out and being used for the feed bins for the winter

Friday night we went to a concert in town. Since I do the newsletter for BARC, I work closely with Fritzie who, with her husband, “runs” the building and all the activities that are on going. Fritzie bought Norm and I tickets to Gordy Pratt, a comedian / singer / guitar player from South Dakota. Thank you, Fritzie!! We then went over to friend Katie’s for hot chocolate and conversation. Katie was surprised that I had come to the concert. She knows me – I very rarely go out of my lane!

On Saturday, I had a visit from my soon-to-be-neighbor, Jody. I have talked to her and emailed her often, but haven’t seen her much, as she rarely comes down from the cities. We sat watching the birds; she was crocheting a lovely blue acrylic blanket and I was knitting gray and white mittens. A lovely time, all too rare, but hopefully there will be more of them when she FINALLY moves down.

Today? Back to the barn on a lovely day to caulk seams and put cement on the floor where the cement had been broken out. Pork chops with balsamic vinegar and homemade applesauce for supper finished off the day.

So, that’s my week. How about yours? Have a beautiful day!

A fire-y sunset at Ash Lane Farm


Grandma Rosie said...

Tell Norrm I said be very carefull climbing around on that roof! We're not as young as we once were! ( I can say that since I just had another birthday!!)

Missy the Garden Freak said...

pork chops and balsamic vinegar? now THAT sounds yummy... can you post the recipe so i can make an attempt at making that? i would greatly appreciate it.. i like to keep up on your blog and from what i can tell, i am SURE you are a fantastic cook!