Sunday, October 21, 2007

In fall, a young man’s fancy turns to ….

House repairs! This is the time of the year that Norm looks around to see what needs to be done INSIDE.

We had guests coming on Friday – Lara and Penny from Murphy’s Landing time. I told Norm that they had chosen to sleep upstairs in the girls’ ‘suite’ rather than downstairs in the ‘normal’ guest room. I had been upstairs getting the suite cleaned and asked Norm to bring the shop vac up to vacuum up the Asian beetles that were up there.

Now, we have owned Ash Lane Farm for three years, three months and fourteen days; we have lived here for two years and twenty-one days. In all this time, the steep stairway to the upstairs has had no handrail. Every time I go up and every time I go down I mutter to myself (unless I’m actually commenting to Norm) “I need a hand rail!”

Steep stairs - no handrail (needs paint, too!)

Norm had the rail and the hardware ready for nearly a year, but never took the time to put it up. Knowing that our friends were coming, he grabbed the equipment and put the hand rail up! Wonderful!

FINALLY a handrail (this wall needs paint, too!)

Also, he has been working in the furnace room – this is the original basement that was built soon after the house was built. There is (was) a sump pump and a small, ugly square hole in the ground. The hole was boxed with wooden sides, but the box sides were higher than the floor, so it took at least an inch of water on the floor to actually get anything into the hole to be pumped out. And then the sump pump died! So Norm got a new sump pump, a plastic tub from his brother (it held mineral supplements for cattle) and dug the hole bigger. The tub has holes in the sides so that the water can seep in and the sump pump turns on when the water gets too deep. Really nice, now! And Norm turned the water softener on again. He had turned it off because the old sump pump was dead and the recharge water siphons into the sump pump hole. I don’t care too much for soft water, but there is soooo much iron in our water that all our clothes were turning yellow!

So, our friends arrived and with them arrived the first sun for almost a week! We had supper and invited Katie, who had worked at Murphy’s for awhile (that’s where I met her). After supper, Lara played her harp and Penny played the penny whistle (yes, that IS the name but she gets a lot of flak for the instrument she has chosen). I don’t have a picture of Penny – every time I aimed the camera at her, she stuck out her tongue. I didn’t think it was fair to have such a weird picture of her!

On another note, our three baby chicks that hatched while the grand-girls were here are about two months old now. Two of the three are roosters (sigh); I had let the girls chose their chicks, as they hatched when they were here but now have to take back the young roosters. I believe that next year when I purchase pullets for replacement that I will let the girls each chose one or two for their own to watch grow up.

And now, this afternoon, Norm and I are going to the cities to take Tasha home and see the kids for a short overnight. I must get packing!

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday – it’s now a little overcast and cooler but still a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day!


Cris said...

How nice that Norm takes up remodelling! I had no idea before why it was called hard water and soft water, so is it because of the iron? I think we only have soft water here. Can we see the final work how this remodelling turns out? I bet it will look great. Have a nice week!

Kati said...

Yeah for Norm getting the home repair things done! Hope you had a great weekend Connie! (oh, and I went to check out the Lehman's blog. Very cool!)