Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No and Maybe!

Well, we didn’t get the project completed far enough this weekend to finish today, as planned. So the completed pictures will have to wait!

Dreamer, it is NOT a drying rack – try again!

Laurie, from the tone of your voice, I think you are correct! We’ll see, won’t we?

But I will post the completeness when it gets done, which MUST be done by Friday at the latest!

Is your egg still standing? I moved mine as I kept knocking it over, but in the safe place that it is, the egg is standing very well. Have you even tried?

Norm is home from South Dakota, one day later than planned. They had a family get-together on Sunday so he came home yesterday. He has two brothers and two sisters that live in the area, so it’s easy to get them together – sort-of! They are all busy in their own ways but managed to find an afternoon free to see Norm.

His brother was trying to get him to stay yet another day to go to an auction with him. However, we have to be in Albert Lea for an event in a week, so he needed to come home to help get ready!

The weather has changed, yet again! It was windy and 85º on Sunday, it rained yesterday and it’s overcast and will be 60º for the top temperature today! Ooofta!

Today is Brandy day! I have so many apples (many un-picked, as of yet) that I have too much juice. Norm said I can’t make any more jelly, so I am going to make some of the juice into Apple Brandy – I love the stuff (well, a sip now and then, can’t drink a whole lot, but it’s so yummy a sip a day or a sip a week or so)! I will probably make the rest into apple juice – the girls love apple juice and so does Norm – I like it, sort of.
It will be a beautifully cool day today, nice for baking. You have a beautiful day!


gmostek said...

Aunt Connie, for the good of the world, you have to post the recipe/technique for Apple Brandy, please!
Yr. loving niece. - GM

Kati said...

Oooooh, apple brandy!!!! Yummy!!!! I'm playing hooky from work today and feeling like being very naughty. Maybe a mug of hot chocolate spiked with Disarrono (amarretto liquer), as I don't have any apple brandy handy..... Wish we had apples with which to try your apple brandy recipe. Cider spiked with Apple Brandy sounds like another yummy, rainy day-playing-hooky-from-work drink. *grin*

I didn't even try the "stand your eggs on end" trick. Had never heard of it. Do they have to be fresh eggs??? Or do grocery-store purchased work as well???

Dreamer said...

Alright, I'll have another go. Seeing as how Laurie thinks she has the answer and she weaves and how I saw pictures of you spinning at the LIW festival, I'm going to have to guess it is something to aid with carding, spining or weaving. Maybe a loom?