Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm back!

It was a long, long day getting home today, so I will just say that I'm home and starting to write the post for the fair.

Also, I have to start getting ready for Laura Ingalls Wilder days on Friday, so I don't have much time.

It was great getting home. I thought Peanut was going to eat my face off, she was so happy (and so was I).

I will simply leave you with one picture of one of the demonstrations at the Fair. We really did have fun!

Have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

Welcome home Connie, I hope your 2 weeks were fun and exciting!

Jan said...

Welcome home! Welcome home!

Sonia said...

Welcome home, Connie!
I like the photo! I am looking forward to see other pictures!

Cris said...

Welcome home! Lovely! Your clothes remind me of my grandmother, she used to wear those, my mom didn't keep any, it is a pity.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you are back - the web isn't the same without you!



Kati said...

LOL That's a priceless pic!!!! Welcome home, and have fun on your next demo-trip!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures from your demos.
In response to the meat bird question you asked of me- they are "broilers" from meyer hatchery. They grew at the same rate as my delaware hens (13 weeks old at that time. being just 3 weeks apart in age, the delwares were still bigger at the broilers 10 week point. We have given up on raising meat birds here- again. Maybe next year will be different, but the last 2 experiences have been costly.

Geraldo said...


I hope we'll see more pictures of the fair, it must have been fun!